Trophy/Achievement "Nerves of steel" is bugged since the 9th of February

Trophy/Achievement "Nerves of steel" is bugged since the 9th of February. I checked leaderboards of all platforms (PC, XBOX, PS4, PS5) and no one got this achievement since this date. Also, progress on PS5 is stopped and when you do a successful skill check it still remains the same. Please fix it!

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  • manu1950
    manu1950 Member Posts: 16

    Yes I have the same problem. The progress is freeze please fix the bug and the experience near death. Are the two trophies buggy

  • GideonKiller
    GideonKiller Member Posts: 3

    Nerves of steel buggy for me too.

  • manu1950
    manu1950 Member Posts: 16

    The problem continues...fix the bug please

  • A9K
    A9K Member Posts: 4

    This is exactly what i am facing right now i have achieved all the trophies in DBD the only remaining one is "nerves of steel" i been working so hard to get platinum for this game and yet stupid ugly patch destroyed my achievements... What a lost!!

  • Wild_Cloud
    Wild_Cloud Member Posts: 7

    Not only this one. Also "Near-Death experience" from Saw Chapter and "Healthy obsession" from Silent Hill chapter.

  • A9K
    A9K Member Posts: 4

    did anyone get the nerves of steel trophy yet, there was an update for fixing the achievement and trophy issues!!

  • spartanking8675
    spartanking8675 Member Posts: 3

    Still glitched on PC as of March. “Nerves of steel” not tracking progression for about a month.

  • A9K
    A9K Member Posts: 4

    ya unfortunately, still bugged 😒😒

    DBD TEAM PLZ FIX THIS #########!!!

  • chief2015
    chief2015 Member Posts: 10

    This achievement/trophy is still not tracking as of March 11th 2021

  • Anton_games337
    Anton_games337 Member Posts: 6

    Trophy "Healthy Obsession" from Silent Hill DLC unobtainable since 9th of February, too. Fix it too, please!

  • chief2015
    chief2015 Member Posts: 10

    This achievement as of 3/28/2021 as well as the healthy obsession achievement remains glitched!

  • GravelordNito99
    GravelordNito99 Member Posts: 216

    Near-death Experience also remains bugged even with this new update... It's the last achievement I need.

  • paser121
    paser121 Member Posts: 1

    Please fix this achievement- this is the last Achievement i need for Platinum Trophy on ps5 :(

  • manu1950
    manu1950 Member Posts: 16

    Sigue sin funcionar. Voy escribirles para insistir.

  • Vysetra
    Vysetra Member Posts: 2

    I'm literally 1 heal away from unlocking Healthy Obsession, which up until the All-Kill chapter was my last achievement I needed.

  • hologramdream
    hologramdream Member Posts: 1

    I'm really hoping this gets fixed as I'm aiming for platinum trophy.

  • manu1950
    manu1950 Member Posts: 16

    Make pressure

  • CruelSpot
    CruelSpot Member Posts: 6

    Why only new skins? Where achievement hotfix? Trophies still not work about 2 month.

  • pjsjongsung
    pjsjongsung Member Posts: 28

    Does acknowledged even mean anything :(

  • manu1950
    manu1950 Member Posts: 16

    Revivo el tema para que no se olviden de arreglarlo pronto. Ya estamos cansados de esperar la solución de estos 3 logros- trofeos rotos.

    Nerves of steel.

    Healty obsession

    Experiencia near dead.

    Todo el que me lea porfavor hacer presion aquí para que lo arreglen.

  • Asa
    Asa Member Posts: 5

    Yeah it's bugged achivement for me as well, and also Getting the hang of it (raise your rank for first time) is bugged too, because i'm rank 1 survivor, so I can tell. I would love to have it fixed.

  • manu1950
    manu1950 Member Posts: 16

    Is not rank level 1 is get prestige with a character at level 50 and do prestige 1

  • Xaggy
    Xaggy Member Posts: 325

    I know this is an old post but I'm experiencing the same issue. The achievement doesn't get any progress.

  • Rygart
    Rygart Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 4

    Bumping this post again since it still seems to be an ongoing issue? 3 years an no fix? (Steam player)

  • Trophyhunterdbd
    Trophyhunterdbd Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Still glitched after so long please fix behaviour interactive last trophy to plat the game on ps5

  • FaikoHail
    FaikoHail Member Posts: 7

    I’m stuck and can’t get the trophy either

  • Argoniano95
    Argoniano95 Member Posts: 5

    Why is it still not working? It has been freaking 3 years since this issue has been reported....