Phantom Cries

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Playstation 5 - Version 4.055.201

So I've been noticing a weird bug today. If you sacrifice someone and then go back to the broken hook at any time after the entity has taken the body away, you will still hear the hooked sacrifice crying. I've encountered this several times today, both as a survivor and a killer. The first time, I was playing a survivor and thought there was a dying player crawling around and I just couldn't see them through the grass before it occurred to me that only myself and one other player were still alive and they were on the other side of the map. Then later as a killer, I passed by a spot where I had sacrificed someone and heard the crying and thought an injured survivor was just really good at hiding until I remembered what happened earlier and put two and two together.

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  • alaenyia
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    This is occuring in PC as well, it is creepy.

  • darkened
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    This bug happens to me since i first started to play this game, in the last period it got worse, almost every game there is a phantom crying, and i hopped they will fix it, as it is not a game braking bug, but can really confuse the killer, and after 6 months(at least since i first encounter it) it is still in the game

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