checking platform services bug

Cochise Member Posts: 2

Firstly i was in game lobby i was preparing another game. The game must be start but my connection have disconnected so i decided to close the game and I initated again when it started i saw this screen

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Hi, this was a temporary issue that has since been resolved. If anyone is still having problems please check the discussions in the Tech Sub Forums for assistance.


  • Nehalennya
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    same at me and some others who were forced now to stop playing.

  • cheetocultleader
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    Same here. I got a match 3 times, disconnected mid-load* each time, tried to relog, and now stuck at "Checking Platform Services."

  • FeryGEN
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    I thought it was just me, or problems with my internet.

  • poprocksandsoda
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    Yup Same. Bump!

  • Vairesul
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    Same here :-(

  • goddesshax
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    Same for me and my group

  • Grimmsdeath
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    Same here as well, just re-downloaded the game, got the bug, then verified the install and it said it was fine but kept getting stuck on this screen then uninstalled and re-installed and it still was happening. Platform is Steam, stored on internal D: Drive HDD.

  • HydrogenDemon
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  • sharkster13
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    Does this have something to do with the fire of the server storage facility in Copenhagen? The entire server storage was burnt down and it caused a lot of problems in Europe.

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