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Reminder that Groaning Storehouse now has a literal infinite/near-infinite.

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2 windows in Groaning Storehouse's main building create a loop that is so insanely big that chase can break, creating an infinite. It happens to me every single time I play on that map either as killer or survivor. There is 0 thought needed to loop that disgustingly strong window (I have turned my brain off and just held shift + W+ pressed space so many times to force a killer off of me), yet it can waste minutes of the killer's time and there is nothing they can do about it unless they're Nurse, Spirit, Blight, possibly Slinger, potentially Huntress (4.4m/s around that loop, eughhh), maybe Doctor after a massive loop or two (possibly less with addons), and maybe Pyramid.

It's funny how it was added AFTER the graphics update, meaning this stupid window chain is a modern-day DBD loop.

Even if you could eventually get close enough to keep chase going, you could probably waste 2 minutes at that window with no counterplay available except literally just leaving. The breakable wall also does nothing. I'm pretty sure going through the breakable wall opening might be the same as just going through the window. That sounds exactly like old god loops lol.

If you don't believe me, go in a KYF, play any killer/have your friend play a killer that can't attack from high range or catch up insanely fast like the ones listed, and see how long your time is wasted chaining those 2 windows at that main building.

What's even better is that the gen spread on that map is so big that there is almost nothing a killer can do to win if they spend enough time at that window/give up chases at the window/give up the main building gen because of the window, because protecting the gens is near impossible unless you're playing a killer with insane mobility, and even then, you can get screwed over. It's hard to patrol on that map even as Blight because the gens are so far apart and in the weirdest sections of the map.

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