Areas without lockers

kaeru Member Posts: 1,568

There is huge areas completely without lockers. As Huntress I hate to leave a slug and go for reload for 50 meters away. In that time my slug is picked up.

Such areas most common on Ormond and Yamaoka estate. There is maze loops that have no lockers. And it's disgusting when it spawns near excavator or forest which also never have lockers.

This problem will be more obvious when players will try new killer who depends on lockers same as Huntress.


  • Masterninja
    Masterninja Member Posts: 404

    This also afects a lot the survivors too.

    You are right, in all the maps there is a very bad placement of lockers. Is awful.

  • fogdonkey
    fogdonkey Member Posts: 1,567

    Also the Swamp map

  • GoobyNugget
    GoobyNugget Member Posts: 698

    Imagine hooking a survivor and seeing another survivor but you have no hatchets, then realize you have to go across the damn map just to reload