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I was logging into the game at 11:20 around. I went into the main menu, just to see that rank reset occured, but it showed me that I was rank 1 on both, when I was rank 8 on killer and 1 pip away from rank 1 as survivor.

Then it resetet my ranks to 9 with 2 pips (surv) and 11 with 2 pips (killer), when I should normally be rank 5 no pips and rank 9 no pips after the rank reset.

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  • lerohi
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    Can confirm this, was Rank 1 on Surv and Killer and got reset to Rank 8 0 Pips (Surv) and Rank 9 0 Pips (Killer). Multiple other people I know have this too. Also, it seems like a few people haven't been reset at all :/

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  • LapisInfernalis
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    One of my friends resettled from rank 1 to rank 9 as well and I did not rest at all.

    I tried to restart the game, restart steam, switch lobbies, nothing worked.

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    I am one of those who didn't get reset.

  • KrOToX
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    My friend get reset from 2 (it was showed 1) to 9 and I wasn't reset at all

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    We got the same Problems

    Myself: Rank 8-0 Pips to Rank 10-0 Pips

    Friend 1: Rank 8-1 Pip to Rank 11-4 Pips

    Friend 2: Rank 6-0 Pips to Rank 12-0 Pips

    Friend 3: is still Rank 8 without a Reset

    I think there came a big error with the last rift-patch

  • Mandy
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    Hi, we're going to look into this - can you upload your log files please, that'll help a lot! Thank you

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    Hey, where can i find the log file? - nvm i found the instructions

    and there out^^

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  • Dimek
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    Rank reset from 1 to 9 both sides


    idk if It changes anything but here is the log from getting the rank reset (the previous one - after restarting the game)

  • Mandy
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    Thank you @Dimek

  • bunnypup
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    Repost from the "Rank Reset" thread in general discussion. Rank 1 to 9 on both killer/survivor. Log attached

  • ZarStocher
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    My survivor rank got reset from 5 or 4 to 14, and my killer rank got reset from 13 to 20. The game showed for me that I was on rank 1 on both, which wasn't true.

  • redbydaylight
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    It showed me my Rank has been reset to 1 for both killer and survivor, when going into the character screen/game I am actually rank 20. I used to be green rank as surv and purple as killer.

  • sevphine
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    i hope you mean this thing up here, I went from rank 4 one pip to rank 7 5 pips, my bf didn't had the reset yet

  • Hanji_Zoe
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    I also had a problem. My survivor rank has been reset from 5 (three pips) to 14 (no pips), ans a friend didn´t had a reset at all...

  • senicro
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    Was rank 4 or 5 as survivor, after reset rank 14. Killer seems alright, from 7-8 to 11.

  • Chatouille
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    Same problem, but I actually was rank 1 ... 😅

  • etms51
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    same for me, i've the rank 2 and i've rank 7 from survivor, while from the killer, i was level 11, while now i'm level 17.

    I hope which there is an another reset rank to 20 level. @MandyTalk

  • EliskaMM
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    Reset from 2 to 8 on survivor and from 10 to 18 on killer. Leaving log as requested. :)

  • apathyinc
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    I went from Rank 2 to 9 for survivor and 3 to 8 as killer, log attached.

  • Malindi
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    I was rank 3 survivor and like rank 12/13 killer, and after the rank reset I am now rank 20 for both survivor and killer. Xbox

  • sparklepines
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    I just logged in and previously I was rank 5 as survivor and rank 10 as killer. When I opened the game this morning, it said i was rank 1 on both of them and it reset me to rank 14 as survivor and rank 17 as killer. Please, would you kindly look into that? I'm so confused, this must be a bug. Here is my log before the reset and the usual one: (added the one from May 13)

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    Same thing has happened to me too. I've submitted a report to the game company because I was rank 9 before rank reset and I came on to find it's put me back to rank 19

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  • saltmineinaction
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    I got from 12 with 2 pips to 20 with no pips. absolute BS in my eyes. This is so unfair

  • Tatt3dWon
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    I was rank 5 it sent me all the way back to 20 smh.

  • malichan
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    I was rank 7 with a few pips i think and got reset to rank 12 yeah this isnt such a BIG deal but i hard grinded the last weeks and were happy i only get to reset to 9 so i can maybe come in red ranks next season but this is just unfair.

  • quinzzelx
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    Yes... I was reset from Rank 5 with 1 pip missing to rank 4 because I had a de-pip the last game I played and now I got reset to RANK 15. Sorry but I'm so mad about this lmao

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  • Donnsean
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    I was reset from a 1 killer to a 9, then a 5 survivor to a 14. I have a funny feeling that I won't be put to the ranks I am supposed to be and I will just be stuck there to work my way back

  • NanaFripouille
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    I begun the gameplay this month, so it's the first time for me I was reset for my rank.

    Today, around 14 o'clock, I've been reset. I was yesterday rank 9, and today.... rank 18 !!!!

    130 hours of gaming to restart from the "beginning".... I'm not against a reset of 3,4,5 ranks (from the green ranks to the yellow ranks too) but 9 ranks ?

    I'm really sad...

    My other friends ? one of them 4→ 14 ;;; another 4→ 5 ;;; another one 4→ 4

  • NanaFripouille
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    I'm a switch gamer and I don't know how I can put my Log

  • Kiwii
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    Same problem for me. Was Survivor Rank 5 before, and now im 14.

    The notification of the rank reset showed me that I was rank 1 for Survivor and Killer before which wasnt true as other here mentioned.

    Attached is my logfile and the backup logfile in case it might be of interest.

  • sesawyer3127
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    I hope this is the correct place to report the rank reset problem. Here is my log I hope it helps thank you! I went from a 4 to a 6. I know it is small but every little bit helps.

  • Laluzi
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    Neither of my ranks were reset. I never got the 'a new session is starting' message, only the news prompt that there was a bug; I'm still rank 9 killer and 5 survivor. I restarted the game after that, and still no new session prompt.

    I would very much like to be reset, if that's possible, because I've been trapped way above my skill level as a survivor for a while now, and for killer, yellow's the best time to do adepts thanks to the looser restrictions on scoring, and I actually have a chance to get it if someone rage-DCs or the last survivor finds hatch before I do.

  • Makichan84
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    I went from a rank 3 to a rank 15. now im playing people newish people that have no idea what they are doing and getting baby killers that end up face camping me or dc cause i loop them too long. my killer rank was normal rest since i dont play killer much...but my surv is def way off.

  • nooway9108
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    I went from rank 4 (0 pip) to 15 (3 pips)...and I spent plenty of time to get to that rank after starting playing the game 3 month ago. Also I was deranked last time from 8 to 9 and now I play with Killers that dc and leave or just stop chasing me, because they are angry on me while looping them. I also spent the night the day before to get to that red rank with the assumption to get deranked from red to purple (4-5 or 6).

    I attached a screenshot from the 13th of May 1:31 AM. Username: nooway9108

    I loved that game but now I got stuck and It's no more fun for either the Killers and me.



  • nooway9108
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    Also the code for 250000 bloodpoints as compensation does not work for me...I am so p#$$3d off now! Seriously...

  • R1NNZL3R711
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    Hola, No soy de informar errores del juego, ya que siempre se solucionan casi al instante, pero esta vez fue diferente. Ayer se me debio de reiniciar los rangos de rango 1 a rango 5 de killer y de rango 7 a rango 9 de surperviviente, pero no se me reinicio. Desde ayer hasta hoy cada vez que trato de buscar partida me sale un error de conexion con el anfitrion, ya no que hacer, ya intente de todo, pero nada, De antemano Muchas gracias

    Hi, I'm not reporting game bugs as they are always fixed almost instantly, but this time it was different. Yesterday I should have reset the ranks from rank 1 to rank 5 of killer and from rank 7 to rank 9 of survivor, but I did not reset. From yesterday to today every time I try to search for a game I get a connection error with the host, no longer what to do, I tried everything, but nothing, in advance Thank you very much