*DEVELOPER HELP* Using controller and mouse simultaneously drops FPS massively

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• Platform ---> PC

• Description of the issue ----> (Below)

Hi guys, I lost my left hand in an accident, so I use a controller and a razor naga to play (12 buttons). Ever since the big update, the game will drop to like 10 fps when I'm using both mouse and controller simultaneously making the game unplayable. I tested to see if it was my controller maybe, so I bought another controller, still same problem... I love this game but it's so saddening to play now... so I don't. I thought about telling someone on a DBD forum right when it happened I doubt it would be looked into. 😥 But some friends who play DBD encouraged me recently to post so here I am.

• Steps to reproduce (if possible) --> Use both controller and mouse at the same time

• How often does this occur----> Every time you use both controller and mouse the FPS MASSIVLY drops

If I just use the controller by itself or the mouse and keyboard it works fine, but because of my disability I can't use a keyboard with one big finger (stub) haha. It makes me sad that I can play how I normally would play but it would mean the world if a developer could spend a little time on the issues if not, that's fine, I understand 99% players would never have this problem and it's not a problem that many players will run into unless their disabled.

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    Are you going to fix this issue? It was not always an issue. I have always played this game using mouse and controller at the same time but your recent patches made it so that the switching from xInput to mouse drops the FPS to unplayable rates.

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    May I please ask for your in game logs? You can find them here: %localappdata%\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Logs