Trapper Sack Basekit

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Addon changed to "Iron Boots"

Trapper don't get stunned when stepping in active Bear Traps.

Whenever the Trapper steps on active Beartrap it breaks for 30 seconds. (Recycle Sabo Traps animation)

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  • QwQw
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    He needs more buffs than that, but it's definitely a start.

  • Lexilogo
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    Like the Iridescent Head changes, this buff is really only a matter of time, BHVR have just been stalling on doing it for no reason for a few years.

    Also, great replacement addon idea, I've really wanted Trapper to get some kind of "walk through traps" addon for a while now.

  • glitchboi
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    I like that idea.

  • Saltjar34
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    Darn, I actually suggested that idea for Padded Jaws. In fact, your idea can instead be a replacement for Padded Jaws