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How to reproduce the issue:

1) Start a game as a killer

2) Look for a thrown pallet

3) Eventually, in different maps, the pallet flickering will occur

NOTE: Please note that this is very random, but since the release of the latest patch, I've seen this occur in Yamaoka, a Coldwin Farm instance and Hawkins, as shown below. For this particular map, I was able to record only this flickering, but it happened twice in this same match.

EDIT: I've forgot to mention; I've only seen this while playing killer as Nemesis.

Webm of the issue: https://webmshare.com/3Kw6a

Attaching log.

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  • Cancan71
    Cancan71 Member Posts: 709

    Also happens on Switch.

  • ItzPixelYT
    ItzPixelYT Member Posts: 613

    Happening on Xbox too

  • MaggotCorpse
    MaggotCorpse Member Posts: 17

    I can confirm now that, you can see this flickering playing as survivor as well (it happened twice, in different maps, but always against Nemesis). It happened at a much longer distance that the one displayed in the video (probably 25/30m?)

  • SkeletalElite
    SkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,619

    Happens from survivors perspective too

  • Purgatorian
    Purgatorian Member Posts: 1,146

    I can confirm xbox but only as killer for me so far.

  • crystalkitti
    crystalkitti Member Posts: 278

    Tested it in a Custom game (I was Leon, my brother played Killer; Nemesis) and the pallet flickered. (Also glitched into the ground a bit, though that may be the map specifically. Hawkins.)

  • Zensunim
    Zensunim Member Posts: 156

    Stand next to a pallet and turn your camera the right angle and you can make it flicker away:

  • kisfenkin
    kisfenkin Member Posts: 600

    Also happening on PS5 on survivor perspective. I was literally running into pallets that would appear a moment later and past pallets that I could have used in a chase. It reminded me of when dream pallets are dropped into existence, but the killer was Nemesis.

  • scumrrado
    scumrrado Member Posts: 61

    Playing Survivor against Nemesis on Crotus Prenn, the shack pallet was down and completely invisible. Could vault over it, but couldn’t see it and it blocked entrance into shack. Might be related to this flickering issue.

  • bjorksnas
    bjorksnas Member Posts: 4,649

    I think its part of optimization but it isn't fully tuned yet to be seamless

  • frogathy
    frogathy Member Posts: 7

    can confirm it happens on xbox as survivor against nemesis as well

  • darkcloudlink
    darkcloudlink Member Posts: 326

    I experienced this as a survivor vs Nemesis on Midwich as well

  • etms51
    etms51 Member Posts: 591
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    same for PC, when the visual will be different, the pallet isn't showed correctly during a chase .

    Here there is a small video (in a custom match), this visual is from survivor side. The Hag


    Video 1 =>

  • Hex_Llama
    Hex_Llama Member Posts: 1,746

    I also had this as survivor on PC. Several different maps. I think it may have happened with other killers besides Nemesis, but I'm not 100% sure, since almost all the games were vs Nemesis.

  • Coder
    Coder Member Posts: 747

    Which killer? For me it only happened with nemesis, and mainly when hi missed the pallet break.

  • Focus
    Focus Member Posts: 14

    Had the same issue as OP but as survivor on Red Wood Forest. While I was repairing a generator I noticed I could make a pallet disappear or flicker depending on how my camera was oriented.

  • notlousie
    notlousie Member Posts: 16

    Yeah, I've noticed it too. It wasn't a real issue for me until just now when I was being chased by the killer and ran into a flickering pallet that was invisible at first - blocking me. The killer was able to grab me since I wasn't able to react in time when it suddenly appeared :(

  • UseTheValve
    UseTheValve Member Posts: 350

    This happens to me too, goddamn it BHVR......

  • MaggotCorpse
    MaggotCorpse Member Posts: 17

    As killer, I've only seen this as Nemesis.

    As survivor, it happened in several maps (can't recall all of them, but there's evidence of at least 2 maps, and seen it happen in many others). It also seems to be visible at a considerable distance; the farther away I was when I saw this occur, the more "flickery" the pallet was, but I'm assuming that depends on the camara angle as mentioned above. It happened against different killers (Nemesis, Ghostface & hillbilly at least).

  • MisterEnot
    MisterEnot Member Posts: 59


  • awustzdn
    awustzdn Member Posts: 297

    I've seen this happen as well, playing as Cannibal on The Game but only on the upper floor, depending heavily on camera orientation. Steam version.

  • DoublePippin
    DoublePippin Member Posts: 22

    ive also seen this happen on coldwind, but only as blight.