Perks who should be Basekit

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Basekit: Survivors see other's survivors aura anytime a survivor is hooked.

Perk: No longer shows survivor auras, only show killer aura.

Why? SoloQ players now have same info SWF uses via voice chat.

Decisive Strike:

Basekit: 20 seconds.

Perk: Increase duration time by 20/30/40 seconds.

Why? Because with every new DLC killers tunnel the new survivor guessing they don't unlock it.

Borrow Time:

Basekit: 5 seconds.

Perk: Increase duration time by 5/6/7+Haste status by same %.

Why? To have the chance of being bodyblocked after being unhooked if the killer decide to ignore the unhooker and wait until finish the unhook animation, or when being farmed infront of bubba/pyramid.

Corrupt Intervention:

Basekit: 60 seconds.

Perk: Increase duration time by 40/50/60 seconds.

Why? Because there are so many killers who are forced to run this perk and can't improve builds.


Basekit: Every time a survivor start working a Generator manually damaged by the Killer, a skillcheck need to be done, running away instantally explode the generator.

Perk: Reduces skillcheck zone + increases regression when missing the skillcheck.

Why? Because as perk is not good enought, and would make kick gens at 90% useful, forcing survivors to missing the skillcheck while they try to finish it next to you.

Remember me:

Basekit: Gates Switches regress automatically at 50% speed when not being working on them.

Perk: Same as now+ Increase Regression speed by 150%.

Why? Because no one likes 99% Gates.

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  • Emeal
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    I'm against this idea. For many obvious reasons.

  • Dino7281
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    That is survivor sided so much..

    Kindred for everyone. Yeah, that's hard no. That would be even stronger than DS. Trap and stealth killers would get nerfed by this so much. It would be so broken with Open-handed.

    DS for everyone is not good idea. You will just promote massive slugging festival, because when you know about it, noone will ever pick that survivor.

    Short BT wouldn't be that bad. STBFL approves.

    Corrupt Intervention, so survivors would get 3 perks for game against one perk that is valid only in competitive dbd, gets disabled and sometimes doesn't even work, because survivors just spawn next to open gen... If you want gen slow down, Pop is way better for it. It would also guided killers to go away from hook and protect gens, so less camping.

    Overcharge? You really couldn't find more useless perk, could you? Yes, you could, but Overcharge is still really bad perk. If you would want another free perk that would work for all killers, then maybe nerfed version of Bitter Murmur or Whispers.

    Anyway, only perks that are worth to consider are nerfed BT for survivors and nerfed Pop for killers. Any more would become more problem that help.

  • Milo
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    I have three questions.

    How would basekit Kindred destroy trap and/or stealth killers exactly?

    Yeah short BT wouldn't be bad... for killers you're right. 5 seconds is basically nothing (if they're trully camping and tunnelling) to just wait it out. So why are you okay with this?

    Corrupt Intervention is a good perk. I don't get why you're bashing it? But yes, technically Pop would be better.

  • Dino7281
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    Well, stealth killers need to be stealthy and when all survivors know where you are heading is kinda hard. If you play Hag or Trapper you need to keep your traps hidden, this would make any traps near hook useless. I have been using Kindred with Open-handed and it is super broken against Trapper or Hag. Even with SWF, when someone tells you location isn't same as when you see exactly where it is.

    I don't like Corrupt Intervention in normal games, because it is not nearly as valuable when games take over 10 minutes. It is really good when game takes 5 minutes. Also it doesn't benefit all killer same. I really don't want that on Hag, I want to take my time and set up web. I do use it on some killers, but it is really rare.

    Pop is same for everyone except PH, but even he hooks survivors too. Works all game and would make killers camp less, so survivors are happy too. Just make it 10% and Pop will make it +15%.

  • elpoh
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    as i said, from kindred, i just want the survivors auras as basekit, the perk would only show the killer aura instead. so.. stealth killer will be fine.

    i want DS for everybody because, for example with the RE release, every killer tunnels Jill & Leon guessing they still don't unlock it, not feels fair.

    overcharge is not good enought for a perk, but if atleast, survivor not was able to do the skillcheck while running and instead make the gen explode instantally, would make kick gens at 90% with swarming survivors SOMETHING, you could kick the gen, make them unable to do the skillcheck, and then the gen explode, regressing a bit more.

  • Dino7281
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    Oh, ok. If you just see other survivors that would help soloQ a lot. So I wouldn't really mind that.

    Short DS wouldn't stop it, if I want to kill someone he will die (I don't do that). I would just use that 20 sec to hunt survivors nearby, kick gens or stuff like that. DS like that would be never used against good killer.

    I am not saying overcharge would be completely useless, but it would make gameplay for beginners way less enjoyable, because noone likes to blow gen and it takes time to learn to hit those. Also it is kinda useless with Ruin / Surge.

  • Yogerman1997
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    i don't want free DS, everything else is okay i guess...

  • Bran
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    a lot of that is just plain wrong. perks that become base kit for whatever reason would have to have their effects greatly diminished and the associated perks deleted, not there as buffs to them.