Survivors pallet stunning killers are invincible

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This has happened to me every time since the midchapter patch came out. If I hit a survivor through a pallet and if I get stunned then the survivor doesn't take damage. The survivor will make their grunting noise and be granted the speed boost but for some reason, they don't take damage when I hit them through a pallet stun. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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  • Jarol
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    It just happened to me, I hit it pointedly, they stunned me and the sounds of pain sound that I left a survivor injured but still healthy. The game stole a hit from me.

  • SpookyPumpkinPiez
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    YESSS ME TOO. I've seen killers down me when I hit them with a pallet so I didn't know what to think, but for me as killer if I hit them and they make the sound that they just got hit, they literally take no damage. Happened about 6 times for me now

  • Sypherpathic
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    They changed how hits work. I don't have a link but essentially, the server doesn't think you are in a position to get that hit and so denies it.

    With all of the communication going on with (probably poorly optimized), web-based games like this, it seems that your system thinks everything is in certain positions, the survivor's systems are showing possibly completely different positions and the server has it's own set. They're trying to move from some kind of monstrosity that compares them all or something into making the server's positioning definitive. This will make things look unfair to almost any player at one time or another.

    With all of the multiplayer games out there that rely on specific positioning and that could piss off their players if the positioning LOOKS unfair, you'd think there'd be solid ways to prevent this kind of stuff in this day and age. I guess everyone reinvents the wheel.

  • Northener1907
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    They broke pallets for killers. I hit them but they did not down. I hope this will fix soon because so annoying

  • Guest1567432
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    Sounds like this is whats happening. Just had a Dr. game where I hit a survivor through 3 pallets, gave the indication I got the hit but the survivor didn't get injured.

  • Alionis
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    It's fine if they want to validate that stuff, but the way it's done now, when even people who have great connections to servers regularly experience cases of survivors going down, then miraculously standing back up because the server denies the hit, is unacceptable.

  • SkeletalElite
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    My experience has been that I can hit survivors through pallets unless they have lower ping then me, in which case I cannot


    If you look at pings when I pause you can see these 2 have over 100 ping which is worse than mine.

  • limierr
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    Same here.

    I get the experience with nemesis. The worst is that the survivor could pass through zombie after pallet stun and the whip didn't even infect them. It only have work a few second after where i could hit them normally.

    I would try some test in kyf to try to indentify the cause but right now for me , the game is not playable as killer.

  • Tatt3dWon
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    Welp im glad they fixed it now yall know what we had to deal with.

  • GamerEzra
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    I also reported this (with video evidence).

    It's really annoying.

  • InList
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    Yeah now the killer will have to drop the pallet early instead of greeding.

  • whereismykebab
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    I guess it's the "hit validation" that has been announced.

    It is really broken. I had multiple instances where I got the hit scream and saw the survivor fall, broke the pallet only to realize that the survivor is happily running away.

    If the hit is going to be cancled, don't show it hit on the killer's side, since in many cases the killer wouldn't break the pallet if the survivor kept running. This is something that could lose the chase and possibly the whole match.

    Delay the hit on the killer's side until it's validated by the server. I'd much rather have lag on the hit than to start an action thinking the survivor got knocked down only to realize that they're still running. I usually have a ping of around 20ms by the way.

  • Megaris
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  • limierr
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    If it was working also well as survivor i would tell you but .... nope.

  • GamerEzra
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    This keeps happening.

    Do we have to keep reporting this?

    Do i need to upload more evidence?

  • Mystaria13
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    Guys pallets have been broken for survivors for awhile and this was their attempt to fix them so it basically boils down to who hits the button first, If it’s the survivor the hit doesn’t connect.

  • GamerEzra
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    In most cases this is not the case.

    I have had several times that I hit someone and they drop the pallet after i hit them.

    It just isn't right.

  • LapisInfernalis
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    This is intended and part of the new hit validation at pallets. If the server gets "stun" from the survivor, before it get's "hit" from the killer, it will reject the hit.

    The only thing that is confusing are the sounds.

  • LapisInfernalis
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    but now look at it froum the survivors perspective: you think you'll make it to the pallet but since you don't know the killer's ping you have to guess when to drop it. often enough you got the stun while being hit or even worse: dropped the pallet early but still got hit.

    I can understand that this is frustrating, but the only thing they have to fix are the sounds. And no more VPN hits through pallets!

    And btw: Killers still have priority concerning the hatch. although I can understand that. Survivors phasing through the closed lid was more than strange,

  • Alionis
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    Shifting a problem from side A to side B instead of properly fixing it is not an acceptable solution. I don't care how it is from the perspective of survivors or who has priority over what situation, those are both bad faith arguments.

  • fogdonkey
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    Maybe there is no good solution, because there will always be latency. So they need to choose the least bad solution. What they did is a good step.

  • fogdonkey
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    Proposed fix:

    1) Play sound and injured/dead animation only when confirmed from server.

    2) Make stricter latency requirements.

  • Alionis
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    In what messed up world of yours is having survivors go down, you go into weapon-wipe cooldown, they then stand back up and you stunned a good solution or a good step?

  • fogdonkey
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    It is not only about who has better ping. If your ping is high you are slightly out of sync with the server, even if your ping is better than the survivor's.

  • fogdonkey
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    No need to be rude, my world is not messed up... I am not interested in talking to you anymore!

  • fogdonkey
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    Also I don't see any weapon wipe cool down in these reports. They get stunned because of pallet hit.

  • starpilotsix
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    I play mostly survivor. And I've had my share of getting hit through pallets that I thought I shouldn't have. But (except in cases of really bad lag where I was like 10 feet away when I suddenly got hit) it never really broke immersion in the game. I could always rationalize it as 'the killer happened to reach through right as I stunned' and move on with my life and my game.

    But shifting it to the killer's side, to make them see a survivor take damage and cry out in pain and then suddenly be fine, that's just ridiculous, IMHO, and those few times I do play killer and experience it, makes me just want to shut off the game. And similarly when I watch on streams, when sruvivors get hit through pallets it's pretty opaque, but when killers clearly score a hit and nothing happens, your game looks broken. IMHO, that's bad game design. If you can't fix the game you should at least make it so it doesn't LOOK as obviously broken.

  • Alionis
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    Funny how it took you all of 2 minutes to talk to me again.

    I'll stick with my opinion: the current solution is a non-solution and not a good thing.

  • LapisInfernalis
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    So, like I said: they need to fix the sounds and animation feedback and the problem is solved.

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro
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    this is dumb cause the pallets now steal hits from me, but when i play survivor, Killers still get a clean hit even if i stun them

  • whereismykebab
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    Yes, the feedback needs to be held back until the hit is validated. I had several hits retracted, and my ping is usually 15-25ms, which probably means that the hits were invalidated because the survivors ping was worse.

    I think one of the developers commented on it that they cannot stop the feedback, because then it would have breaks in the game.

    I strongly disagree. It doesn't need to lag on purpose. It just needs to delay the scream and injured/dying animation a maximum of 0.2seconds or whatever the worst ping is. And if the survivor ping is too high, the survivor needs to take the hit. You can't punish the killer for someone else's bad internet, as this would be highly abusable with people making themselves have bad ping on purpose

    This would be much prefered to seeing someone drop, starting to break un ansafe pallet only to see them running off in the distance as you wouldn't ever break that pallet in chase without the down. Something like this can lose a chase and the whole match.

  • GamerEzra
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    I have the same thing, almost every time.

     I think they don't want to fix this right now, because they are busy on the next chapter. 

    Or they just don't care.😔

  • Lenox
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    Thought it was just me. I'd rather the screaming sound not happen. It makes it even more confusing.