Playing with controller and mouse at the same time causing massive frame drops (Accessibility)

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This recent update brought back this bug. If I use the controller to move and use the mouse to look around causes frames to drop. I hope this will get fixed this is my and others only accessibility to play DbD.

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  • PinkP4ndi
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    Apparently they are not aware of how important it is for many people to fix this bug, otherwise they would not have been with the bug for half a year. I hope they fix it soon, but I've been saying this for 6 months so...

  • zomp
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    Still not fixed

  • Alphamav
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    It's a bit worse after 7.2 for me

  • Alphamav
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    I turned off all overlay (xbox, nvidia) but turning off displayfusion is what seemed to completely resolve my frame drop issue, but I still can't do actions when using controller to run/move and moving camera with mouse. Once I stop moving mouse, it gives the action prompt (vault, etc) so, my wrist is suffering crappy wasd since controller camera is worse.