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Is it possible that Stranger Things chapter come back later?

kaeru Member Posts: 1,568

At least in theory. Could Bhvr get license back somday in future?


  • TripleSteal
    TripleSteal Member Posts: 1,298

    Yes, but it's highly unlikely.

  • Bwsted
    Bwsted Member Posts: 3,452

    It's possible. It's a business transactions. It requires parties involved to reach an agreement and the deed can be done.

    The best chance is if whatever game Netflix got involved with flopped. So, they would be incentivized to turn back to dbd.

  • Sackboy123
    Sackboy123 Member Posts: 465

    It's possible yeah, but highly unlikely. I do see the content coming back in the future though but not anytime soon

  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
    JawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 3,354

    I'll try helping out by not buying the NetFlix game. We all need to do our bit.

  • BlazeFire7
    BlazeFire7 Member Posts: 16

    I'd, personally, be more likely to buy Netflix's game ONLY if they kept their content in DBD. Because I've only started playing as the characters without any prior knowledge of the show. This content is the only reason that I would be thinking about watching it before I had zero desire to watch it. Now, this removal is just upsetting me and making me want to stay away from it. I'm sure that there are others who feel this way. It'd be stupid not to bring it back. But as @Bwsted said it requires both parties involved to reach a desirable and agreeable business transaction.