Rank Reset Bug Prior to Reset Day

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I was playing a game as survivor (Rank 1), on Ormond and left the exit gates. When i did the game from Steam Crashed, and I sent in an error report when It asked what I was doing.

Upon returning to the game, both my Killer (Rank 1) and Survivor (Rank 1) rank had been reset to Ash 4 (lowest Rank) the day prior to a standard rank reset.

Please look into this bug as this will affect end of the month rank rewards.



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  • HighwayCatalyst
    HighwayCatalyst Member Posts: 359

    This just happened to me too, I was playing a game of survivor and the game crashed when i died. When I next logged in it said Ash 4 for both my killer and survivor grades when previously I was Iridescent 2 and 1 on my Killer and Survivor. The same thing happened to my friend when she was mori'd in that game.

  • ValkyrieFT
    ValkyrieFT Member Posts: 16

    Same exact thing happened to me. I escaped and then game crashed - got a crash report. Went from Rank 1 on survivor and Rank 3 on killer and now reset to Ash 4 on both.

  • BearUNLV
    BearUNLV Member Posts: 53

    Just happened to me as a Killer when I got Grade I on the Nintendo Switch, here's video evidence

  • Tricksters_Wife
    Tricksters_Wife Member Posts: 545

    Was also playing on Ormond and as soon as it started going back to the lobby I also got the crash report. Reloaded the game and my Iridescent 1 Survivor and Killer grades are now Ash 4. I wanted to keep playing but in case this isn't just an early grade reset I'm gonna wait it out and see what happens until I hear anything.

  • Erukani
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    Same here as well, group up 3 of us that were queueing together all crashed at the end of a match at score screen, were Ash IV when logging back in. All of us were around the range of Iridescent IV to Gold II in rank prior to this.

  • meowzilla69
    meowzilla69 Member Posts: 390

    Same I got reset to ash

  • Kay1099
    Kay1099 Member Posts: 1

    This literally just happened to me. I was rank 2 and I escaped through the hatch then my game crashed and now I'm ash IV as well. Please fix this bug. I am beyond upset..

  • JoelDunk123
    JoelDunk123 Member Posts: 3

    Same thing just happened to me on PC. Got out of a killer game that probably would've double pipped me into Iridescent 1 and my game crashed. Reset me back to Ash 4 upon logging in.

  • phhherry
    phhherry Member Posts: 11

    I am rank 1 or rank Iridescent I and my game crashed and I became rank ash IV before the day 13th and without receiving the bloodpoints for it. I don't think this wasn't supposed to happen.

  • jinxykinz
    jinxykinz Member Posts: 87


  • konchok
    konchok Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 1,719

    Same thing happened to me on PC. Game crashed and then my grade went to ash IV for killer and survivor without BP.

  • RariiBo
    RariiBo Member Posts: 1

    Same thing happened here on console, I escaped and game crashed when I loaded back up my survivor rank went from Gold 1 to Ash 4, I've been grinding all day to get ready for rank reset and this happens. Please fix asap

  • Happened to me as well, if it matters i was rank silver 4 playing survivor in a match as nancy against a doctor in the hospital map, i had just died when the game crashed and i saw a flash of the bloodpoint grading screen thing before the crash happened. The only bloodpoints i received where about what i made in that match so i dont think i got anything for the reset. Hope this is somehow helpful, and that its fixed soon ;-;

  • LordRegal
    LordRegal Member Posts: 1,547

    Exact same thing happened to me as I exited a game. Crash to desktop, No rewards on logging back in..

  • BearUNLV
    BearUNLV Member Posts: 53

    Update both Killer AND Survivor reset from Grade I Iridescent to Ash IV 😞

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,063

    Saw this after I made my post. Happened to me and my swf teammate on ps4.

  • ghostyboi7236
    ghostyboi7236 Member Posts: 1

    Xbox too would have hit rank 1 for the first time and I'm ash 4 now

  • jfield13
    jfield13 Member Posts: 1

    Me too.

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,063
  • Rungstungalung
    Rungstungalung Member Posts: 2

    Same thing happened to me - game crashed in the post-match lobby, when I relaunched both ranks were at Ash IV with no bloodpoint gain.

  • StarTrekJediN7
    StarTrekJediN7 Member Posts: 1

    Same thing happened to me as well exited match while on summary screen crashed on PC Steam account filed a report and submitted. When I relaunched game I was Ash IV. I wanted to send in a customer service report and I can not get the normal report to work so I came here to the forum. I main on PS4 if that happens there I will really be upset. Would love to get some compensation here.

  • Starvana
    Starvana Member Posts: 8

    yeah I was surv rank 5 and killer rank 3 I sincerely hope they still give everyone the bloodpoints they should've gotten

  • Arisquelle
    Arisquelle Member Posts: 62

    Same here on PS4 (mine blue-screened on me at the end of a game). Tried re-loading again and was going to grind tonight to get both sides to Grade Iridescent-I (Was two pips from that as survivor and was Iridescent-IV on killer side.)

    A friend checked and they got the rewards but I did not get them, even upon restarting the game again.

  • Arisquelle
    Arisquelle Member Posts: 62

    I had another PS4 player check. He wasn't playing at the time it happened. He got reset but DID get his BP.

  • losgarciadt
    losgarciadt Member Posts: 6

    RIP 500K BP. I'm not sure how they will fix this. Even with a code for 500k some people will get double rewards then others not ugh.

  • iced_latte
    iced_latte Member Posts: 5

    I also did not get my reward and I have multiple friends that had the same issue.

  • Same issue for me as well.

    Killer rank 1, survivor gold 2 or so. Crashed, rank reset, no BP rewards.

  • peachblade
    peachblade Member Posts: 68

    In my experience, everyone that crashed didn't get rewards, and everyone that launched the game AFTER the reset got them.

  • Dis
    Dis Member Posts: 1

    same thing happened to me today, i just finished my match and reset happened, and i got nothing for my ranks.

  • FentV1rus
    FentV1rus Member Posts: 112

    Just finished killer match, game crashed, rank 1 killer and gold 2 survivor rank reset. No rewards.

  • BearUNLV
    BearUNLV Member Posts: 53

    I really hope we get our BP bonuses 🥺

  • Freddy96
    Freddy96 Member Posts: 767

    Yup game crashed at 2am germany time and once i restared i was ash 4 but no bps

    EXPERIMENTONGOD Member Posts: 36
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    Same here, game crashed @ 2:24 AM (CET) after finishing a trial and I didn't receive the BP rewards (should have been 500k).

    BHVR please fix ASAP.

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  • LinkToReality
    LinkToReality Member Posts: 115

    I too had my game crash after my match around 2am CEST last night. Grades were reset and there was no reward.

  • Apollos
    Apollos Member Posts: 1,052

    Also crashed lol

  • BearUNLV
    BearUNLV Member Posts: 53

    They mentioned they're looking into this on Twitter https://twitter.com/DeadByBHVR/status/1437400873609609216?s=19

  • aprils4kids
    aprils4kids Member Posts: 38

    Sept 12th at night I was playing on my PS4 with my husband, nephew and our son, all on PS4 except none on a switch, and after I died in game I got the blue crash screen. Then as others died they did too. I saw I was back to ASH 4, was iridescent 2, and none of us got our Bloodpoint rewards.

    Now our other 4 in the house got theirs but they weren't on DBD went it occurred.

    Also my husband after 1 match he was ASH 3, rest of us was Ash 4 with 1 pip. Very odd. Some of us were grinding for the bp rewards so not to get them is upsetting. Oh this was for our Survivors. But we checked killer same thing, we didn't get anything for that either.

    Would appreciate it if everyone who didn't get theirs to be given theirs. Oh not everyone can report this either because for one it's a lot of work bro go through, two they can't log in for some reason on here.

  • MrNikki426
    MrNikki426 Member Posts: 3

    I was kicked off immediately after escaping a game last night Sept. 12 around 8:00pmEST. When I loaded, completely reset, and no blood points. It's as if they don't want people to play their game. I mean, what's the point in playing for a month to just have all your progress stripped from you? I played for a couple more hours in hopes that the blood points would show up, and again this morning I loaded the game in hopes that on the 13th, they'd actually be there. They're not.

  • annaluisaanjos
    annaluisaanjos Member Posts: 4

    Hello, guys

    The same has happened to me, after match I got an error message that closed my game on PS5, then when I made login, my progress went to ash IV without the bloodpoints given after the reset.

  • TheSoulWizard
    TheSoulWizard Member Posts: 13

    I also got reset from rank 1 to rank 20 (as killer) this reset, but i don't think this is a bug. As for the rewards, i got 250K on killer.

  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 21,667

    That's intended - so in your case at least, it's worked as it should.

    EXPERIMENTONGOD Member Posts: 36
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    Do we know anything about progress into fixing this issue? It took a lot of effort to reach Iridescent I and a lot of people haven't received their rewards yet while others who didn't even have the issue have received double rewards or more.

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