Gen speeds need to be addressed with these upcoming updates

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With this upcoming buff to perks like Built To Last and nerfs happening to killers like Spirit and Deathslinger, we need to talk about gen speeds and the imbalance of the game being severely survivor sided and stale for killers.

As is, the meta for killer builds has been running nothing but gen slow down perks and for good reason. Since SBMM has been introduced, we killer mains are essentially being punished for being any good. Each match is nothing but a sweatfest 9 out of 10 times, completely eliminating casual games and making the experience miserable, not challenging. Gens just pop off each time you find yourself in a chase no matter how good you are at patrolling gens especially with perks like Prove Thyself and going against SWFs. It's at the point where SWF teams completely control the match which should never be a thing and these upcoming updates buff them even more. Its made the game boring to have to run a combination of Ruin, Tinkerer, Corrupt and Pop every single match, with every single killer JUST to keep up. You basically have to sacrifice the match just to play around with a different build to break the monotony and have some sort of fun.

It's clear to everyone that this game is survivor sided and with SBMM and these upcoming updates, it's only made killers even weaker. I've seen from devs that they think the buffs to Built To Last is countered by the 12 seconds of wasted time in a locker but to a well organized team communicating on mics, that's nothing. Having essentially everlasting toolboxes and medkits, is game breaking for killers and with nerfing Spirit and Deathslinger to the whim of survivors, is just more nerfs to killers in general. You have to give us something to combat this and overhauling killers add-ons just simply isn't enough. The gen speeds are in desperate need of a change.

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