Design An Addon For Your Favorite Killer(s)!



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    I have no idea. I'll just say that I liked your ideas for Nemesis)

  • Foxy_Teltac
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    Fuming Mix Tape

    Dark beats, violent shreds and unfathomable vocals from another world fill the mind with a vibrating sixth sense.

    Upon inflicting Deep Wound within Feral Frenzy, you gain an extra 5% movement speed, up to 30% while in Feral Frenzy. When entering the fatigue state, lose 10% of your current speed increase. When Feral Frenzy recharges, the most recently mended survivor is highlighted by Killer Instinct for 5 seconds.

    (The addon is basically reworked to really lock the survivors into the injured state and to allow more mobility in Frenzy, along with giving Legion some soft intel on where they can get the chain going again. The fatigue thing is there just to make sure that Legion isn't zooming around all the time and actually has to work for the speed boost.)

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    I dont really like your ideas that much but the franks mix tape is a cool idea

  • thelegion_fan
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    I like your idea for hillbilly mostly becuase it crosses two killers so it opens more ideas

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    Guess I'll toss my hat into the ring with some random ideas:

    The Nightmare:

    (Ultra-rare) Black Box:

    • You become obsessed with one survivor
    • The obsession does not hear the lullaby when they are asleep
    • The obsession cannot exit the trial while they are asleep.

    Kinda combined the two concepts of previous iterations. I really like the idea of an addon singling a survivor out and changing their gameplay a bit more than usual.

    The Executioner:

    (Ultra-rare) Obsidian Goblet:

    • Final Judgement can be used on non-tormented survivors if they have reached the final hook state during the trial.

    Would be broken as hell, but hey - it's just a dumb idea. It's basically just a built in ebony mori, but as an addon

  • DarkMagik
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    Fake Id:

    Survivors who stare at you fills up their Stalk Bar.

    Adds 8 Seconds Night Shroud Recovery

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    right? maybe I'll think of some more. the concept of crossing killer powers is really neat.

  • bjorksnas
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    My favorite killer already has a near perfect set of addons but I would love to rework them to be more interesting / nerf that one addon

    Placebo tablet (rework), Increases movement speed of rushing by 20%, Decreases movement speed of every other rush by 40%, increases bp scoring events for rushing by 100% (every other rush for consistency sake is on even number rushes first rush is always fast 2nd rush is always slow)

    basically on rush 1 you move at 120%, on rush 2 80%, rush 3 120%, rush 4 80% ect, making for a weird alternating playstyle between fast and slow

    Adrenaline vial, (rework) Increases tokens by 2, each consecutive rush makes you 7.5% slower, reduces time to recover tokens by 1 second, movement speed can't be increased by consecutive rush speed addons (no crow or rat to negate the downside but tablet works leading to rush 7 being at 35% of the original speed for a hilarious 3.22m/s rush (very good)

    Chipped monocle, (combination of 2 addons) gets both the current effects of chipped monocle + the effects of compound 7 (might as well have both training addons as one)

    Compound 7, (rework) can press the active ability button while rushing to consume a token to turn 180° mid rush, doing so also refreshes how long the rush lasts (turning around has a 0.5s animation in place to give people a chance to reorient themselves for a bit) , doing so doesn't start a lethal rush unless you were already lethal rushing

    Foxglove (rework) , landing a rush attack instantly recharges 2 tokens

    Alchemists ring (nerf), landing a rush attack instantly recharges 3 tokens

    Soul chemical, (buff additional effect) also plays a sound effect whenever it gives a survivor a skill check

    Rose tonic + Plague bile (buff), while in slam you can press the active ability button to instantly enter fatigue

    Compound 33 (buff additional effect) bumping into generators causes them to begin regressing (doesn't cause a stun just bumps like normal)

    Summoning stone, (buff additional effect) also see the auras of blocked pallets

  • TunaDBD
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    • French Beret (Iridescent/Ultra Rare)

    When Victor Lands A Pounce, The Survivors Cannot Remove Him For 15 Seconds

    The Trickster:

    • NO SPIN Group Photo (Iridescent/Ultra Rare)

    Every Knife Hit By Trickster Doubles The Laceration Meter

  • Avilgus
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    • Obsidian Cage - Ultra Rare

    Hitting a survivor with "Punishment of the Damned" afflict him Torment statut effect

    • Mannequin Head - Rare

    The attack wave of the "Punishment of the Damned" create tourment trail on the ground. They last for 10s.


    • Forbidden tablet - Rare

    Corrupt Purge infect survivors.

  • CLB198
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    Hillbilly - Open Engine

    • When entering a chainsaw sprint the chainsaw will automatically overheat
    • +30% turn rate when in a chainsaw sprint
    • +25% move speed when in a chainsaw sprint
    • +15% charge rate when activating a chainsaw sprint
    • If you hit a chainsaw sprint it refreshes all overheat charges
  • DarkbeastPaarl
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    Just a little addon for Ghostface.

    Drop Phone. Ultra rare addon.

    A phone used by The Ghostface. Completely untraceable.

    Marked Survivors are afflicted with the Oblivious status effect, and are also marked by Killer Instinct for 15 seconds after the Mark expires.

    "Do you like scary movies?"-Ghostface.

    For Nemesis, we have.

    G-Virus Sample. Ultra Rare Addon.

    A sample of William Birkin's G-Virus. Causes rapid cellular mitosis, but is highly unstable.

    Infected Survivors suffer from the Broken Status effect as long as they remain Infected.

    Increases Mutation Rate from hitting Survivors with Tentacle Strike by 65%

    Increases Mutation Rate from killing zombies with Tentacle Strike by 50%

    Spawns 1 additional zombie.

    "G is my creation!"-William Birkin.

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  • Not_Social_Joker
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    Iridescent - Marksman's Eye

    "Your keen marksman eye is at full effect. You more easily see what is down range of your sights." - (simple stuff first). You see further, anything interactable (lockers, chests, etc.) is highlighted, scratch marks are much brighter. (now the complicated stuff). Survivors who are injured, or were injured ~10 seconds ago, are instantly highlighted when centered in your field of view (the more they're centered, the brighter the highlight). If survivors who aren't injured remain close to the center of your field of view are faintly highlighted (meaning they're given a dark yet recognizable outline of their character model) after ~10 seconds. If the survivor is moving, the highlight applies after ~7.5 seconds.

    "Your prey seem to somehow be aware of your skills." - Survivors receive a unique sound cue. (I'll call it the "marksman cue"). The "marksman cue" begins to play much faster than Deathslingers ordinary sound cue. The "marksman cue" applies if the survivor(s) are exactly, or close to being centered (the more they're centered, the louder and faster it plays).

  • Not_Social_Joker
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    I have no intentions of being rude or anything of the such. It's just that I find the irony here funny.

    The Legion fan not liking the ideas of a buff for Legion.

  • galanonim25
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    Rare Addon for Hillbilly:

    Hardened Sawchain:

    Solidly made tip of the chainsaw

    When you hit a generator with a chainsaw you damage it just like you would kick it.

  • Lord_Xylum
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    Many of Ghostface's add-ons go unused compared to the power recovery ones. (Olsen's Address Book and Chewed Pen, primarily) I'm aiming to give more utility to the rest of his lineup. Power recovery and Marked duration add-ons will not be in this list.

    Common - Ultra Rare

    "Philly" (C)

    Highlights Survivors that come into The Ghost Face's FOV while in Night Shroud.

    Headlines Cutouts (C)

    Increase Survivor footstep noise by 50% while in Night Shroud.

    Telephoto Lens (UC) Change to Rare

    Survivors being stalked have their aura revealed for 5 seconds.

    Olsen's Journal (UC)

    Survivor's hit while in Night Shroud will suffer the Mangled and Hemorrhage effects until healthy.

    Marked Map (UC) Change to Very Rare

    When a Survivor becomes Marked, they leave a constant trail of Scratch Marks leading to them until unmarked, even while walking or crouching.

    Cinch Straps (UC)

    Buff crouch speed from 3% to 5%

    Leather Knife Sheath (R)

    Buff crouch speed from 6% to 10%

    Drop-Leg Knife Sheath (VR)

    When crouching, immediately activate Night Shroud for the duration you remain crouched or until revealed. Reduces crouch speed by 5%

    Olsen's Wallet (R)

    When a Survivor is Marked, apply the Exhausted status effect for the duration they are Marked.

    Knife Belt Clip (R) Change to Uncommon

    When The Ghost Face is in Night Shroud and when a Survivor is Marked, increase vault speed by 10%

    Victim's Detailed Routine (VR)

    When Night Shroud is activated, Survivors repairing generators, healing, or cleansing/blessing totems have their aura revealed for 5 seconds.

    Night Vision Monocular (VR)

    When a Survivor is Marked, reveal other Survivors within 16 meters of the marked Survivor with Killer Instinct.

    Driver's License (VR)

    Buffs the maximum range that The Ghost Face can't be revealed from 8 meters to 12 meters. Survivors that reveal The Ghost Face suffer the Hindered status effect for 10 seconds.

    "Ghost Face Caught On Tape" (UR)

    Alongside decreasing time required to Mark by 1 second (in and out of cover), marking a Survivor will instantly mark all other Survivors within a 12 meter radius of the first Marked Survivor.

    Outdoor Security Camera (UR)

    Downing a Marked Survivor will not only reveal Survivors outside of your Terror Radius, but will also block generators being repaired for 16 seconds. Affected generators are highlighted in white.

  • That_One_Friend
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    Doctor -

    Green add-on: Rejected Treatment Plan - Survivors are stunned from Shock Therapy for 25% longer. Shock Therapy has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

  • blue4zion
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    Bloody Hair Brooch:

    The spirit will no longer Passively phase in and out while moving, instead Tap the power button to perform a "passive phase"

    (she loses a bit of the power bar already when tapping the power, so you couldn't spam this)

  • Yords
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    Hillbilly - The Banjo (iridescent, replaces the brick)

    Your chainsaw is replaced by a banjo. After fully charging the banjo, you do not gain any increase in movement speed but instead start furiously playing a hardcore solo. The longer it is played, the further the sound travels throughout the entire map.

    Picture this:

  • MrCalac123
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    Rigged Jaws

    A Survivor attempting to disarm the trap will be faced with a tremendously difficult skill check. Failing the skill check results in the Survivor being caught in the bear trap, and cannot attempt to escape.

  • DarkbeastPaarl
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    Mind Flayer Tendril

    Ultra Rare Of The Abyss Addon

    A tendril of the enigmatic Mind Flayer, that once possessed Will Byers. Though a small piece of the monster, it still wriggles and writhes as if still alive.

    Closing Portals takes 20% longer.

    Portals close 15 seconds after use and closed Portals reveal the auras of nearby Survivors.

    Portals no longer trigger Killer Instinct.

    The Demogorgon gains a 4% Haste status effect for 1.5 seconds after exiting a Portal.

    Shred now immediately puts Survivors into the Dying state even if they're fully healthy.

    "You let us in. Now, you're going to have to let us stay."-the Mind Flayer.

    Compound 32.

    Ultra Rare Blighted Rush addon.

    Talbot Grimes' final formula. The Pustula serum causes rapid, grotesque mutations and nearly limitless vigor.

    Preform Rush an additional 2 times.

    Increases turn rate with preforming Rush or Lethal Rush by 33%.

    Slamming into a wall near a Survivor applys the Hindered status effect for 10 seconds.

    Preforming a Lethal Rush is completely silent.

    Time to trigger Lethal Rush is reduced by 12%.

  • Bennett_They1Them
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    maybe precise blinks into hits cause exhaustion for 30s?

  • Adjatha
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    Pyramid Head:

    • Your Torment Trails do not decay over time. If you have placed too many, the oldest ones will vanish as you place new ones.
    • Your Punishment of the Damned applies a long Torment Trail on the ground if it does not hit a survivor.
    • Heathy Survivors who run over your Torment Trails become injured and trigger a very long Killer Instinct. Torment Trails no long inflict Torment on survivors who walk through them.
    • While you are not in a chase, your Rites of Judgement no longer slows or limits your movement.
    • When a survivor becomes Tormented, Pyramid Head gains Undetectable and his Rites of Judgement makes no sound for (15-30) seconds.
    • Tormented Survivors suffer a 20% penalty to healing and repairing speeds. Pyramid Head can no longer pick up Tormented survivors (they must be caged).
    • Punishment of the Damned's recovery speed is increased by (30-40%) if it does not hit a survivor. Your Punishment of the Damned costs 50% of your Rites of Judgement charges (up from 20%)
    • Healthy, Tormented survivors who free a survivor from a Cage of Atonement become Injured when their Torment status is removed.
    • Every (60-90) seconds, a random survivor becomes Tormented. Your Torment Trails no longer display a Killer Instinct alert.
  • Critical_Fish
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    Weighted Head for the Huntress

    Rare Add-on

    A reinforced metal hatchet head, meant for increased damage.

    Increases the arch of the Hunting Hatchets by 20%. Survivors hit by Hunting Hatchets are Broken for 30 seconds.

    Sculpted Head for the Huntress

    Rare Add-on

    A gleaming, thin glass hatchet head. More for decoration than effectiveness.

    Decreases the arch of the Hunting Hatchets by 20%.

    Iridescent Rook for the Doctor

    Ultra Rare Add-on

    A rook piece made of an iridescent glass.

    The Doctor's shock can be held indefinitely, and is now activated by m1. Depending on the length it is held, it grows in size (from its base radius to a 16 meter radius), and moves away from the Doctor at a rate of 20 meters per second. The shock can be canceled by letting go of m2.

  • PCZóide
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    I love Ghostface, but in the high MMR he is weak. This Addon will change this on builds if be implemented.

  • EnderloganYT
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    New addon for the Nemesis

    Spade Key (idk, purple?): an old key used to access parts of the Raccoon City Police Station. Destroying zombies with tentacle strike no longer gives mutation rate. Destroying pallets and breakable walls with tentacle strike gives some mutation rate (about 1/3 or 1/2 as much as a zombie would give)

    Broken Debris (def purple): debris from the home of a S.T.A.R.S member you hunted down. While in tier 2, hitting a generator with tentacle strike will cause it to regress if no survivors are working on it.

  • B_Random
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    Iridescent Blade (Ultra-Rare): A shiny new blade made for the slaughter, serrated and edged, and 9-inchs bigger, enough to put someone down in a couple of swings.

    The Legion can now Down Injured Survivors when in Feral Frenzy, upon downing a survivor you're given 6 seconds to find another survivor before time runs out. The power gage will charge up 50% slower after downing someone with Feral Frenzy. Hitting a survivor with your basic attack does not take away any time to your power gage's charge.

    "Lookin' a little chilly there, #########. Come on, let's bring the HEAT!" -Frank Morrison.

    Pyramid Head:

    Mary's Bed Pillow (Very Rare): The same pillow used to end the physical pain and give birth to new mental torment. It's all your fault, James.

    Hitting a survivor with a successful attack of Punishment of the Damned will inflict torment on non-tormented survivors. The Rites of Judgement trails duration in the environment will be Slightly reduced.

    "That's why I did it, honey. I just couldn't watch you suffer. No, that's not the whole truth." -James Sunderland


    Abomination Serum (Ultra Rare): A gift from the creature itself, knowing its hatred towards the Blighted Plants only gave Talbot more questions and revealed little in answers. The result is something Horrific, but Beautiful.

    Whenever you land a successful attack on a survivor with Lethal Rush, your tokens recharge to full and you're allowed to immediately preform another Lethal Rush. Increases Token Regeneration time by 0.33 seconds per Token.

    "I fear the worst to come from this, I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. But this is all that I have left in this hell. God, forgive me please. But I no longer have a choice. I'm sorry for what I'm going to do to you." -Talbot Grimes

  • Marc_go_solo
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    A few add-ons I've tried to base a little around their lore, and in particular their potential fears or weaknesses before The Entity took them.


    Add-on: Archie's Ointment.

    Description: Medicine Evan used to care for his ailing father. Even in illness, Archie had his son trapped. The ointment now coats the traps so prey can experience Evan's pain

    Effect: Any survivor who is freed/ frees themself from a trap will go into FPS, and hearing will become muffled (like with the perk Knock Out). These effects stay for 30 seconds. The survivor is also hindered (-0.1m/s) until healed.


    Add-on: Kerosene smear

    Description: The Bell eminates a stench that drives Philip to feelings of both hatred and fear, reminding him of the anger towards those who hurt those he loved.

    Effect: Whenever you are stunned (pallet or Head On) or lightburned whilst cloaked, you gain a 4% haste effect. So long as you do not cloak, you will keep the haste for 40 seconds starting after recovering from the attack. During this time, you are immune to blinding and recover 50% faster to any further stuns. All survivors suffer from the exposed effect for the first 20 seconds of this 40 second period. This add-on has a 60 second cool-down.


    Add-on: Duke and Donny's Blood-mix

    Description: The chainsaw is lubed with this unusual concoction; a reminder that, whilst he was chained up a nameless prisoner, ######### pigs got a damned name! However, Max won't be trapped again.

    Effect: Whilst overheating, you'll notice that 50% of all walls on the map will be highlighted as breakable, although survivors cannot see these extra breakable walls. Once a wall is broken by chainsaw (they cannot be broken any other way) the add-on has a 20 second cooldown.

  • Whomst
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    The Ghostface Add-On Change

    Knife Belt Clip - Hitting a Marked Survivor Reduces your Attack Cooldown by 100%.

    "Philly"- Fully Marked Survivors may be Stalked to Refill Stalk-Meter.

    Leather Knife Sheath - Hitting a Survivor while Crouched reduces your Movement-Speed Slowdown by 25%.

    This Effect Persists for 5-Seconds after Uncrouching.

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  • CreepyBoi10
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    The Trapper:

    Long-Term Affects (Rare)

    "You never lose track of your prey"

    Once a survivor has been caught in your trap(s), they will bleed and moan for the rest of the match.

    The Blight:

    For Science (Uncommon)

    "You are a man of science, after all.."

    The aura of survivors doing generators and performing other skill checks shall be revealed for 10 seconds.

  • BenZ0
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    Renjiro's Katana (Purple): After initiating a Demon Dash you see the aura of all survivors within 6 Meters around you for 3 sec.

    Akitos Bandage (Purple): Blood orbs now slowly move towards the closest survivor if they are within a 8 Meter range around them. Blood orbs that are moving are revealed to you in a yellow aura.


    Reworked* Licker Tongue (Green): After infecting a survivor with your tentacle strike, the survivor cannot run for 0,5 sec. (Kinda like a mini pin head chain hit)

    Mr X's Hat (Purple): While you rdy up your tentacle you see the auras of infected survivors around you in a 6 Meter range.

  • randonly
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    A small rework on one less impactful Pig's addon.

    Ps: While the Common Addon "Interlocking Razor" forces the deep wound status if the survivor misses the skill checks in boxes, this very rare force the same status on every wrong box finished

  • DesertYoshi
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    Firstly, an edit to Trappers addon

    Tar Bottle

    • A black, matte and sticky substance that when applied to Bear Traps, makes them far less noticeable.
    • Colors traps according to the current realm

    And here is my Ghostface addon

    All-Purpose Cloak

    • A cloak obtained by Olsen in order to hide in plain sight.
    • While in Night Shroud, your shroud is colored to match the current realm
  • FilthyLegionMain
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    Fuming Mixtape

    You can activate Feral Frenzy when it's over 20% power progress.

  • Ze_PotatoeDemon
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    Elk Horn (very rare) The horn of an elk refreshes Anna's memory of what her mother taught her

    removes the heart beat, replacing it completely with the lullaby


    Triggered weight pad (very rare) It's seems too easy to escape, but what if there is other intentions?

    100% chance of survivors removing trap first try, but their aura is shown for 5 seconds after they are freed. Grants you haste for 5 seconds after trap is triggered


    Timer Tripwire (very rare) an object that started the games, and the fun.

    Removes the survivors' ability to remove the bear traps until the timer begins.


    Bloody knitting needle (very rare) A reminder to never underestimate your target

    During Evil Within III, when grabbing a survivor, it is harder to wiggle out from your grasp. Evil Within III timer is paused when carrying survivors


    Bloodied glass (very rare) Not known how this was gotten, but can sense a hidden rage from his descendants

    when activating Blood Fury, psychical rage state is not shown. decreases Blood fury duration by 10%


    Farmer's tongue (very rare) unknown origins, but Rin senses it as a gift from her ancestors.

    When in haunting, see blood stains better. but hear survivor's breathing 10% less

  • GoobyNugget
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    FIrst Finger (Uncommon)

    "A prized possession"

    Upon kicking a generator, a faint gas can be seen leaking from it for 30 seconds

    If a survivor interacts with the generator within these 30 seconds, the generator explodes and tonic gas is spread around it in a 15 meter radius.

  • ChilleBean
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    Campbell's Last Breath: A powerful last breath snatched from Crotus Prenn Asylum Priest Father Campbell. In the hand of The Nurse, it crackles with intensity.

    [Successfully landing a Blink Attack on a Healthy Survivor inflicts Exhausted Status Effect for 20 seconds. This effect can trigger once every 45 seconds.]

    (I personally never use Campbell's Last Breath. I feel like the Exhausted Status Effect will tie in with the Nurse's ability of stealing their breath.)

  • DBD78
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    Add-on: When invigorated Clowns TR is 10 metres

    Add-on 2: The purple gas will stay an extra 12 seconds if thrown at a generator

    Add-on 3: Clown gets all bottles refilled whenever kicking a pallet

    Add-on 4: Whenever a generator is done Clown gets invigorated and see the furthest survivors aura

  • AnnoyingNarrator
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    Ultra Rare The Nemesis Add-on

    Iridescent Weapon Case: An empty weapon case, reminding the Nemesis of both of its benefactors: Its creators and the Entity.

    Tentacle Strike can now hit multiple things in one swing.

    Ultra Rare the DEathslinger Add-on

    Bloodstained Canteen: A canteen stained with the blood of a hellshire gang member who helped the wrong man. A reminder to distrust those who seem innocent.

    Any survivor who takes a protection hit for some who is being reeled is downed.

    very Rare the Trickster Add-on

    Neon Knifes: A gift from an adoring fan, almost as good as their screams. Almost.

    Blades now leave a tracer line behind them.

    Survivors now take an extra blade to down

    Survivors cannot see their own laceration meter

    Ultra Rare The Trapper Add-on

    Otherworldly Plans: A detailed blueprint describing something out of this world. All that is know is that it fills the Trapper, Evan, with purpose.

    Survivors who step in bear traps and are downed are teleported by the entity to the nearest hook.

    When someone steps in a bear trap, the Trapper becomes undetectable.

    There is no escape for either of us. So get comfy, if you even can. - Evan MacMillan

  • orangegoblin
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    Brand New Camera: Nightshroud Cool down has been reduced by 50%. You can no longer expose survivors by stalking. After stalking a survivor that survivor's aura will be revealed for the duration of the stalk, hitting a survivor no longer removes stalk progress. "Noice"-The Ghost Face

    Ancient Camera: When a survivor reveals you during chase, the Ghost Face, and the survivor that is being chased, are blinded for 2 seconds. Survivors that stun or blind the Ghost Face cause the Camera to momentarily explode, blinding any survivor within a 5-meter radius for 2 seconds. Attacking to break Nightshroud does not trigger this effect. "The camera isn't mine I swear"-The Ghost Face


    Entities Jaws: Survivors caught by bear traps suffer from the broken status effect for 80 seconds and hindered for 10. (Basically, even if the trapper picks them up, or they get rescued, or escape, they will always suffer those effects)

    Steel-Toe Boots: The Trapper is no longer stunned when stepping in his own traps, instead the trap is just disarmed. "Why didn't I think of this before?"- Trapper


    Zues Lightning: Greatly Narrows the beam of Shock Therapy. Shock Therapy Damages survivors for 1 health state. Shock Therapy cool down is slightly increased. This addon Trumps other Addons

    Zues Nova: When static blast makes a survivor scream, that survivor's aura is revealed for 2 seconds. Static Blast no longer inflicts Madness. "Come over here! I promise I will heal you!"-Ze Ubermench (medic mains rise up)


    Vertebra Shackle(yur god damn right): Hitting a survivor with a surprise attack causes all injured survivors to scream and reveal their auras for 4 seconds.

    Ethereal Bell: While the Wraith Uncloaks, illusions of himself begin uncloaking behind any injured survivors. "Who spiked my beer?"-Some guy probably


    Glowing Fuel: When the Hillbilly begins his chainsaw sprint, illusions of himself sprint towards 2 randoms survivors, colliding with them and causing them to scream revealing their location for 3 seconds, if the Hillbilly stops his sprint early the illusions also vanish. The Hillbilly cannot see these illusions. These illusions share the Hillbillies Terror Radius (imagine the spooks)

    Diamond Tipped Blades: Survivors hit by the Chainsaw are inflicted with Deep wounds and the Broken status effect until the next time they are downed. The Chainsaw no longer downs survivors.


    Diamond tipped Blades: Same as Billy, because Chainsaws and all that jazz.


    Auric Glass: When the Spirit comes out of Yamaoka's Haunting a false Spirits will appear behind the nearest 2 Survivors outside of a chase and strike at them, causing them to scream and reveal their location for 2 seconds. This false Spirit cannot damage survivors. (BOO!)

    Ancient Mask: The spirits blood awakens and boils, after killing 2 survivors, if any generators are left standing, the next time the Spirit uses Yamaoka's Haunting she turns into the Oni for the rest of the Trial. Her perks, offerings, and Addons will be removed during this time. This addon trumps all other perks and addons.


    Breath of Silence: After hitting a survivor with a successful blink, if you are undetectable your noises are also reduced by 90% until the next time you hit a survivor. This has a cool down of 5 seconds. (stelth)

  • EnderloganYT
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    For Demo

    Asperous Liverwort (Very Rare)

    A type of liverwort that grows near the damp rocks of the Upside Down. They produce spores when startled that can induce panic in some creatures.

    Causes all survivors within 8 meters to scream after emerging from a portal.

    "A unique specimen found near a pair of rocks. Field team underwent mass paranoia, so no sample was retrieved for testing." - Hawkins National Laboratory

  • LethalPrince
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    The Artist

    Iridescent Feather:

    A glass-like feather moulded from The Fog itself.

    Simple as it may be, it is a symbol of those who watch over Carmina.

    • The Artist is unable to disturb crows.
    • Survivors can no longer be swarmed by Birds of Torment.
    • Increases the time required by Survivors to Repel a Dire Crow Swarm by +1 seconds.
    • When a survivor startles a crow within 32 meters of The Artist, the survivor will become swarmed by dire crows. (Internal cooldown)

    Garden Of Rot:

    A nude self-portrait in which Carmina depicts a rotting darkness growing outwards from within.

    • Each time a Generator is completed, all survivors within 16 meters of that generator are automatically swarmed by dire crows.

  • vanGlasse1
    vanGlasse1 Member Posts: 285

    Pyramid Head

    • Pocket Radio: Survivors that step on the trails become deafened for 15 seconds (same effect as Hag's Disfigured Ear).
    • Angela's Knife: Injured survivors that step on the trails receive the deep wounds status effect.

  • Chordyceps
    Chordyceps Member Posts: 1,585

    Deahtslinger Addons:

    Grooved Hand-Crank.

    A handle for the Redeemer's hand-crank, with grooves carved into it to allow for a stronger grip.

    If The Redeemer's chain is running through a breakable wall or thrown pallet when a survivor breaks free from the chain, the object is broken.

    Large Chain Spool

    A larger spool of chains for the redeemer, allowing it to spear target further away.

    The maximum range of The Redeemer's chain shot is increased by 6 meters.

  • Lekitzul
    Lekitzul Member Posts: 495

    Oooh, I really like the idea of zombies spawning when you kill someone that's a cool idea.

  • Neflaite
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    edited June 2022

    The Legion

    Intense Mixtape (Very Rare/ Ultra Rare) - The guitar riffs fill your rage and make you want to get the revenge on the ones, that double-crossed you.

    • Whenever you vault a window / pallet, Feral Frenzy's power gauge increases by 30%.

    Cannot be used on the same window / pallet.

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  • Ogurcha
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    Since there is going to be QoL patch for the Twins I decided to add my 2 cents for this killer.

    These addons have in general different goals and in can be divided into 4 groups:

    1 - those that will help to solve annoying moments when playing twins

    2 - those that enable you to play backwards (Making first hit with Victor and second with Charlotte)

    3 - those that improve you classic gameplay (When you make first hit with Charlotte and then finish with Victor)

    4 - special AI driven addons. I added 2 addons that make Charlotte do something while in Dormant state. I think it is cool. It makes you feel efficient. And since we already have zombies it is not impossible to implement

    So, lets get into it.

    1) Brown1 - Whenever you put survivor into dying state with Victor's pounce: That survivor aura is visible to you for 60 seconds (or until his health state is changed)

    So its deerstalker in addon

    2) Yellow1 - Whenever you put survivor into dying state with Victor's pounce: That survivor recover ability is slowed down by half for 60 seconds (or until his health state is changed)

    3) Green1 - Whenever you put survivor into dying state with Victor's pounce: That survivor cannot recover, and his aura is not visible for other survivors for 30 seconds (or until his health state is changed)

    This one might be annoying for survivors. Therefore, only 30 seconds

    4) Iridescent1 - AI addon. Charlotte while in dormant state will follow Victor in a straight line but not closer than 16 meters.

    I think, this addon should also temporarily remove Charlottes collision

    5) Purple2 - AI addon. When Charlotte falls into a Dormant State she tries to kick generator nearby. All kicking perks should apply.

    This can be combined with previous one so Charlotte kicks the generator and then goes into following mode

    ... Now these addons will be a little bit wordy but bear with me. it is stacking addons like recent BFF addon for Legion. People love stacking in general, it will be fun I promise.

    6) Brown2 - for every second Victor is latched on survivor you gain 1 stack. Collect 8 stacks to unlock the ability for the rest of the trial: "Whenever Victor pounce and successfully latch on survivor Brown2 activates for 60 seconds. When Brown2 is activated Charlotte vaults 10% faster "

    6) Yellow2 - for every second Victor is latched on survivor you gain 1 stack. Collect 12 stacks to unlock the ability for the rest of the trial: "Whenever Victor pounce and successfully latch on survivor Yellow2 activates for 60 seconds. When Yellow2 is activated Charlotte has 5% Haste"

    6) Green2 - for every second Victor is latched on survivor you gain 1 stack. Collect 16 stacks to unlock the ability for the rest of the trial: "Whenever Victor pounce and successfully latch on survivor Green2 activates for 60 seconds. When Green2 is activated Charlotte vaults 10% faster and has 5% Haste"

    6) Purple3 - for every second Victor is latched on survivor you gain 1 stack. Collect 20 stacks to unlock the ability for the rest of the trial: "Whenever Victor pounce and successfully latch on survivor Purple3 activates for 60 seconds. When Purple3 is activated Charlotte vaults 10% faster and has 10% Haste"|

    note: these addons will counter survivors who prefer not to struggle against Victor.

  • Slan
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    The Shape

    Bloody bullet: One of the bullets shot at him while he was hunting his original obsession. The reminder of his failure makes him reckless.

    When equipped:

    -Your evil within progresses 30% faster when stalking the obsession.

    - Every time you reach Tier III, the obsession will scream and reveal his/her position.

    - When chasing the obsession at tier III, stuns last 50% less and movement speed increases a 25%.

    - If the obsession is left on the dying state, another random survivor becomes the obsession.

  • Corey_or_something
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    Julie's headphones

    Headphones that were once used by Julie to listen to the music she would play on her parties

    -decreases your terror radius by 6 metres when in a chase/ by 10 meters when in a chase while using feral frenzy

    -increases your terror radius by 6 meters outside of a chase

    -for 7 seconds after a generator is completed, you have no terror radius outside of a chase while using feral frenzy

    -for 1 second after a generator is completed, all survivers within a 32 meter radius around you see your aura if you are using feral frenzy


    Deformed bullet

    Likely fired by a soldier in an attempt to protect himself, it now serves as a lucky charm

    -makes hatchets fly 10% faster

    -hatchets hit 10% more precisely

    -if a hatchet hits any obstacle, it will bounce back but only fly half as fast and long as before