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Design An Addon For Your Favorite Killer(s)!



  • Deme
    Deme Member Posts: 59


    • -New leg brace. The Deathslinger walks slightly faster while aiming the The Redeemer (from 85% to 90%)
    • -Welded chains. The Redeemer`s shots have increased range (for 18m to 20m)
  • KawaiiAsa
    KawaiiAsa Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2022

    Ultra Rare Feral Frenzy addon

    Distorted Mixtape

    damaged and distorted, the eerie sounds of this mixtape alter the perception of all who hear it, and dampen The Legion's thrill of the chase.

    • Grants The Legion the Undetectable status effect when not in Feral Frenzy.
    • When in Feral Frenzy, the aura of The Legion is revealed to any survivors within their Terror Radius.
    • When in Feral Frenzy, The Legion can see the aura of any survivors within their Terror Radius.
    • Feral Frenzy hits no longer increase The Legion's speed, and don't inflict Deep Wound. Hitting an injured survivor will cancel Feral Frenzy.
    • Unlocks an additional music layer in the Terror Radius and Chase Music of The Legion.
      • Can be combined with other Mix Tapes to unlock multiple layers.
  • ArchAbhor
    ArchAbhor Member Posts: 829
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    I dont have a favorite I like them all. So I'm going to do them all because I'm bored and this is fun. Not all have balance in mind I just want to throw fun or crazy ideas out there.

    Trapper- Replace one of the springs and give him the ability to place wall traps that spring out when a survivor gets to close. Nothing changes so you can disarm them it would just force the survivors to look at the walls and the ground.

    Wraith-  I actually think it would be fun to have an add on make his terror radius shift around the map intermittently while cloaked. Would be fun to pair with his clappers.

    Billy- something dumb now. Can ram non regressing gens for an explosion making them loose a percentage of progress. Gives me an excuse to ram into more stuff lol

    Nurse- Holding your blink for a set amount of time makes you undetectable.

    Huntress- Something fun now. Make it so she can press ctrl to throw around corners in a more horizontal arc. Obviously its a meme add on and not be too powerful but i think that if it went around in like a C pattern it would be fun to try and go for trick shots.

    Myers- Replace the tombstone piece with an add on that gives him the ability to warp to the other side of the map 32m away from a survivor. with a cooldown. It would have the effect he has in the movies of somehow being in front of people after they saw him somewhere else.

    Hag-  I cant think of anything at the moment but give her another hex to place that does something besides teleporting. Kind of like clowns bottles.

    Doc- I like the idea of giving the killers more mobility so how about like pinhead he can teleport to one of his phantoms with a big warning and cooldown. OP beat me to it lol great idea though

    Bubba-  Make an add on give his tantrum some serious speed. I think itd be funny to bump into thing and then the survivors would taunt him then here comes bubba lol

    Freddy-  He needs more effects then pallets and snares. I'm not going to suggest anything like that but I think his pallet add ons should let you choose between the two since neither are crazy powerful.

    Pig-  More traps. Make it so that the hooks force the survivors to play a trap mini game to survive the hook state. I think this should just be basekit for pig but if we cant get that then maybe just an add on.

    Clown-  More colored bottles. I think they should just go nuts with this and make a bunch of different effects. Like a green to make gens regress faster. They can be add ons but I think at minimum he should have purple and yellow then add a third or fourth through add ons. This will give the devs an excuse to take away his more annoying addons and make his gameplay more interesting.

    Spirit-  An add on that forces her into phasing after a stun where she could break the pallet in stun but at the cost of half the time of her phase. It would make for an interesting dynamic for mindgames.

    Legion- Add another legion member to the trial. Park them like victor.

    Plague- Add a different plague to the match. Locusts could obscure vision like dredges darkness and obscure her TR everytime she gets red puke.

    Ghostface- I think somehow incorporating a phone would be fun. This add on would add a phone to the survivors and would periodically ring once or twice.

    Demo- I like the idea of killers borrowing from other killers kits so what if demo had an add on that after a time with a cooldown brought the survivors into the upside down. Where he could have faster teleport and maybe more portals would pop up randomly during it.

    Oni- Start in blood fury, and maybe make it so he gets more to his meter or needs less after each gen is done. He needs better iri's

    Slinger- Half of his add ons need reworked Maybe make one of his iri's bring back his old TR if they are so against reverting that horrible change.

    PH- The only add ons that are worth anything for PH are the range ones. He needs a pass desperately. Once again I'd give him some mobility and make it so he can rise out of trenches placed at a substantial cooldown.

    Blight- Give him an addon to where if he holds his power button can nonlethal charge across the map at the cost of all his tokens.

    Twins- Give them the ability to fake switching between one another. A bit of a meme add on and once the team knows then its less impactful.

    Trickster- Place speakers on the map and while main event is charged and during it plays his menu music and he looses his TR and lullaby

    Nemesis- Give him an add on that makes his movement match his animation. lol It could have a cooldown and be non lethal. I just find it weird that Nemesis is so slow when in the his own games hes really fast

    Pinhead- Make one of the addons make the puzzlebox an actual puzzle box where you have to figure out how to solve it in a minigame. No idea if this is even possible but it sounds neat to me.

    Artist- Give her 1 bird that automatically triggers if someone walks into it. Feels like pinheads Fang.

    Sadako- Make it so that one person always has a tape and needs others to watch it in order to pass it to them. Something to be more in line with the flims

    Dredge- Make it so that the survivors need to find something to stop nightfall. Maybe check lockers for it. A bit pinhead but I like the idea of add ons changing up what killers do.

  • Ivory_Partnaite
    Ivory_Partnaite Member Posts: 89

    Amanda Young (The Pig) Addon

    Angel Trap (Ultra Rare)

    At the start of the trial, one survivor is put into the Angel Trap (Saw III), they have 90 seconds for someone to rescue them or their ribs are pulled back.

  • simon9072015
    simon9072015 Member Posts: 80

    hunters wooden axe. brown addon

    A axe totally made from wood, was made by hunter mother to teach them how to hunt their preys, practice against wood animales made by she.

    -Increase the total of Hunting Hatchets thet the hunters can carry by 10.

    -Increases the Flight speed of Hatchets by +50 %.

    -Reduces Wind-up time by -40%.

    -Hunting Hatchets now aplly 50% of laceration meter (like the trickster) when hitting a survivor

    -Grants 100 % bonus Bloodpoints in Deviousness category

  • simon9072015
    simon9072015 Member Posts: 80
    edited July 2022

    pig, beta test reverse bear trap. brown addon.

    the first prototype of the jigsaw reverse bear trap that never work. 

    -increases the amount of reverse bear traps carried by 10 

    -Reduces the default Death Timer duration of Reverse Bear Trap by -90 seconds.

    - Increases the Search speed of Jigsaw Boxes by 100%

    - Reverse Bear Trap no longer kill survivor when the time run off, now make they get into the dying state.

    -Grants 100 % bonus Bloodpoints in Deviousness category

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    Iridescent bullet-all killers get a gun which has unlimited bullets, survivors hit DIE.

  • DiamondAndGold
    DiamondAndGold Member Posts: 22

    The Trapper

    Tar Bottle

    Bear Traps are not visible to Survivors outside a 16 m radius of it.

    The hillbilly

    Speed Limiter

    Grants 100 % Bonus Bloodpoints for Chainsaw Hit Score Events in the Deviousness Category.

    Allows you to continue the Chainsaw Sprint after hitting a Survivor with the Chainsaw.

    Hits with the Chainsaw only damages for a single Health State.

    The nurse

    White Nit Comb

    Increases available Blink by 1 Token.

    The Nurse cannot Lunge out of Blinks.

    Kavanagh’s Last Breath

    Charging a Blink past its maximum charge will instead extend it and consume an additional Blink Token.

    The Nurse cannot Blink during the Chain Blink Window.

    The shape

    Tombstone Piece

    Grants the ability to kill 1 Dying Survivor with less than 2 Stalk points.

    The huntress

    Wooden Fox

    Mutes the Initial Charge sound effects.

    The pig

    Tampered Timer

    When a Survivor caught in a Reverse Bear Trap starts a Conspicuous Action:

    • Activates the Reverse Bear Trap if it is not activated.
    • Reduces the Death Timer by 10 seconds.

    The clown

    VHS Porn

    Regardless of Bottle selected:

    • Your odd numbered Bottle throws will be Purple colored.
    • Your even numbered Bottle throws will be Yellow colored.

    The Afterpiece Antidote always appears as activated, and shimmers to signify its actual activation.

    The ghostface

    Cinch Strap

    Disables your Red Stain while crouched.

    The oni

    Iridescent Family Crest

    The Oni starts the Trial fully charged.

    A successful Basic Attack does not grant additional Blood Fury Charges.

    Reduces the Charge gained from Blood Orbs by 1 charge.

    I've been thinking about these wayyy too much.

  • JackFrostMan
    JackFrostMan Member Posts: 204
    edited September 2022


    Jaw Smasher (Rework): When you reload the Redeemer after reeling in and hitting a survivor, you gain a 5% haste boost for 15 seconds.

    Marshal's Badge and Gold Creek Whiskey (rework): Instead of affecting him while he's aiming ADS, he gains their bonus while out of Redeemer ammo and for 10 seconds after he reloads.

    Wanted Poster (Rework): Survivors hit with the Redeemer are inflicted with the Haemorrhage status effect and have considerably brighter (think Bloodhound) blood until they heal.

    These four addons are the weakest out of his selection, so I thought they should get some tweaks to actually be somewhat useful. Or at least more useful than their current state

  • RonMan32
    RonMan32 Member Posts: 413

    I actually already did this on a Deathslinger rework concept of mine listed here:

    Ultra Rare: Sniper scope

    When a survivor is on a hook press the active ability button to attach a scope to The Redeemer (takes 1.2 seconds). ADS activate speed is increased to 0.6 seconds. Increases ADS zoom to 150% (normal ADS is 125%) and adds scope overlay w/ crosshair obscuring the edges of the screen. Shots beyond 12m increase reeling speed by 10%. (This would also be less sensitive than normal ADS because then shots would be too finicky to use otherwise.) If no survivors are on hook after it has been attached Caleb does an animation to remove it that briefly prevents ADS but speeds up if the ADS button is being held. Maybe attaching should reduce his movement speed to his ADS speed but removing should have no speed penalty.

  • fretfuec
    fretfuec Member Posts: 4


    bloody mask

    a mask from another realm covered in dried up blood from teenagers

    downed and hooked survivors cannot reveal the ghostface neither can marked survivors reveal the ghostface greatly decrease time needed to reveal the ghostface

  • AverageAshEnjoyer
    AverageAshEnjoyer Member Posts: 427

    Ghost Face:

    Marked Map:

    -After marking a survivor, the auras of all already marked survivors are revealed to you for 10 seconds

    Lasting Perfume:

    -While in chase with a marked survivor, other survivors are unable to reveal you

    NEW ADDON (walleyes matchbook removed because its basekit)

    -Victim's Headphones

    -Changes your Chase theme (aka the printer)


    Big Buckle

    -Your terror radius is reduced by 8 meters during a chainsaw sprint

  • fretfuec
    fretfuec Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2022


    iridescent Chain

    a chain made out of the fog

    any survivor hit by your tantrum will be killed remove one token


    samurais edge

    one of the many guns Jill Valentine used

    3 zombies now spawn in the trial nemesis now gains mutation when destroying pallets with tentacle strike (less than zombies)

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  • Scythe629
    Scythe629 Member Posts: 17

    I think a Huntress Add-On that would make her able to damage generators with hatchets would be cool.

  • Critical_Fish
    Critical_Fish Member Posts: 615

    DREDGE ADD-ON (Rare)

    Malformed Eye

    Nightfall charges 3% when the Dredge exits a locker for each Survivor within 16 meters of it.

    HUNTRESS ADD-ON (Very Rare)

    Bloodstained Poppet

    When a Survivor is downed by a hatchet, all other Survivors within 24 meters of that downed Survivor have their auras revealed for 5 seconds.

    TRICKSTER ADD-ON (Very Rare)


    Knives are 100% more accurate, but are thrown 150% slower. Both of these values go down 10% and 15% respectively every 10 seconds of a chase, and revert after 15 seconds of not being in a chase.

    WRAITH ADD-ON (Ultra Rare)

    Chipped Locket

    The Wraith can attack while cloaked. Healthy Survivors hit by the Wraith while cloaked are Hindered by 15% for 30 seconds, while Injured Survivors are both Hindered and are inflicted with Deep Wounds. The Wraith recovers from swings while cloaked 50% faster.

  • CrusaderNella
    CrusaderNella Member Posts: 331
    edited December 2022

    The Iridescent Wires - The Executioner Addon

    Crimson Barbs that run across the ground. The rust and blood can barely be distinguished between one another.

    Punishment of the Damned can only injures Survivors that are afflict the Survivor with Torment.

    ● Survivors who crouch or crawl on the Torment Trail will trigger Killer Instinct, as well as become afflicted with Torment.

    ● Survivors who perform a Conspicuous Action within 4 meters of a Torment Trail will trigger Killer Instinct, as well as become afflicted with Torment.  

    ● Survivors that are afflicted with Torment are Hindered by 5%, as well as suffering a 3% Action Speed penalty to Repairing, as long as they remain Tormented.

    The goal of this addon is to encourage the use of Trails of Torment for information and control. While it triggers Torment on survivors more easily and gives them a debuff while tormented, survivors who manage to remain untormented will be rewarded by going against a Executioner that cannot damage them with his ranged attack.

    Also, the mechanic is balanced by the Trails only lasting 3 seconds within 4 meters of hooks and generators. So plopping down trails near these objectives will not work.

  • AverageAshEnjoyer
    AverageAshEnjoyer Member Posts: 427

    Ghost Face

    Victim's Headphones (brown)

    The headphones worn by one of Olsen's many victims shortly before their demise.

    • Changes The Ghost Face's Terror Radius (aka washing machine)
  • StarLost
    StarLost Member Posts: 8,077

    Glad this thread survived the change.

    A few more from my side:


    Ebon Wings (Purple)

    Injuring swarmed survivors with a bird strike does not remove the swarm.

  • Satik_Mp3
    Satik_Mp3 Member Posts: 3


    -Torn Boots (Uncommon)

    When a Survivor walks over an unarmed trap, they will stumble and suffer from a 5% Hindered Status effect for 5 seconds.

  • Satik_Mp3
    Satik_Mp3 Member Posts: 3

    The Artist

    Automatic Drawing (Rework)

    -When a crow disintegrates by any means, it will instantly take off.

    (Add: I have an entire artist addons rework)

  • dgbug
    dgbug Member Posts: 152

    Ghostface Addon:

    The First Blade. (Iri rarity.)

    Puts you permanently in Night Shroud, with two other changes. Revealing The Ghostface is now only possible every 60 seconds, and reveals The Ghostface's aura to all survivors within 32 meters for 3 seconds. Stalk also now decays after 20 seconds if it is not still being applied, losing 25% progress every 5 seconds.

    just an idea i have! it's not entirely original but i like it :)

  • Draco_Phoenix
    Draco_Phoenix Member Posts: 5

    The Huntress

    New iri add on (soldier skull) replace Soldier's Puttee its kinda bad for an iri add on.

    when you hit a survivor with a hatchet from 20 meters or more the lullaby disappears for 1 minute seconds however terror radius stays. doesn't stack.

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,856
    edited January 2023

    Ghostface Addon:

    Decoy Mask

    A second mask can be used for a number of things. You can make your victims think you're somewhere else, or maybe there's a second killer donning the signature mask hiding just out of sight.

    • Stalking a survivor does not increase their stalk meter or reduce your movement speed.
    • When a survivor reveals you, they become Marked for 45 seconds.
    • +100% Bloodpoints bonus in the Deviousness category for downing Marked survivors.
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  • LooeDbD
    LooeDbD Member Posts: 163


    STARS pistol (Pink addon)

    Gain an additional virulent bound (so 3 bounds)

    Decreases window of virulent bound by 25%

  • WeaverReaver42
    WeaverReaver42 Member Posts: 210


    (Purple) Springlock: After attempting to escape or free another survivor from a beartrap, the survivor must make a difficult skill check. After four successful skill checks the trapped survivor escapes with any effects from other addons applied. The first three failed skill checks gives the trapper an additional tier of bloodlust that remains as long as the survivor is trapped. The fourth failed skill check puts the trapped survivor into the dying state, removing the bloodlust given to the killer, and applying a 5% penalty to healing received for the dying survivor until they are no longer dying. If the trapper has less than their maximum amount of traps, they automatically retrieve their beartrap when picking up a trapped survivor.

    I like this idea because it alters the way your traps work to make it more interactive for survivors once trapped, while also making collecting traps much easier. It does potentially allow survivors to escape from the trap faster, but they have to hit skill checks consistently to do so. Otherwise it allows you to reach the trapped survivor, or someone you are chasing at the time, faster than you would otherwise. It becomes a risk vs reward addon. I think it might be too strong for a purple addon, but considering trapper's overall state I think a little leeway on this would be justified.

  • Mafilovy
    Mafilovy Member Posts: 5


    Matia's portrait (Very rare or Ultra rare) : Artist can now vertically aim her crows!

    Simple but I think could be effective!

  • L1ttlewe1rdO
    L1ttlewe1rdO Member Posts: 7

    I have 2:

    THE DREDGE- Pile of Bones (Ultra Rare)

    ● Any survivor hit during Nightfall suffers from the Broken status effect for the remainder of Nightfall

    THE SINGULARITY- Preserved Organic Matter (Very Rare)

    ● Hitting a survivor during Overlock Mode will inflict 5% Hindered for 15 seconds

    ● Hitting a survivor during Overlock Mode automatically ends it

  • Steakdabait
    Steakdabait Member Posts: 1,252


    Removes the ability to place down remnants

    increase teleporting speed by 50%

    Remove locks from lockers from the trial

  • RareFantom47
    RareFantom47 Member Posts: 87


    (Rare) MacMillan's Flesh: A piece of flesh found on the few remains left of Archie Macmillan.

    • Survivor auras are shown for 5 seconds after escaping a Beartrap.

    (Uncommon) Scraps of Metal: A series of scrapped parts of a machine, implementing this makes it easier to take prey from your traps.

    • Retrieving a survivor from a trap is 30% faster

    (Uncommon) Gunpowder: A set of small amounts of gunpowder that can be added to your traps, adding quite a surprise.

    • Upon the closure of a trap, whether being stepped in or disarmed, survivors within 16 meters of the trap's location will scream, revealing their location for 5 seconds.


    (Very Rare) Loose Gears: A set of loose gears set purposely into the chainsaw to cause more damage.

    • Survivors within 3 meters of your location when you hit an object or another survivor become injured if healthy or gain deep wound if injured.
    • Chainsaw gains 40% overheat when this activates.

    (Rare) Steel Bearing: A steel bearing makes any instrument it's applied to last longer.

    • Rev speed of the chainsaw is increased by 10%
    • Overheat charge gained while using the chainsaw is reduced by 10%
    • Successful Chainsaw hits decrease Chainsaw overheat by 25%

    Ghost Face:

    (Rare) Party Photo: A photo Olsen took at a college party, deciding all of them as prime targets.

    • For every survivor who gets Marked, gain 1 token up to a maximum of 15
    • For every 5 tokens, gain a 3% haste effect whilst Nightshroud is active.

    (Very Rare) Flash Camera: A camera used to take photos during his early years, it led to some victims to freeze in terror, unsure of who was watching them.

    • Marked Survivors become afflicted with the Hindered(3%) and Incapacitated status effect for 10 seconds.

  • LucaDuca11
    LucaDuca11 Member Posts: 17

    Xenomorph: reinforced turrets

    turrets now take two hits to destroy, however survivors will take 15 seconds to set them up and will be severely hindered whilst carrying them

    think of it like a risk reward, its much easier for xeno to catch/interupt survivors setting up turrets, but if they manage to pull it off they're alot more to deal with

  • DBDnerd
    DBDnerd Member Posts: 21

    Purple Ghost Face Add On:

    Recycled Cloak:

    When cloaked, hitting a survivor, missing an attack, and etc do not make you leave the cloaked state. When you hook a survivor, you exit cloaked form, and the cooldown is doubled.

    Green Xenomorph Add On:

    Mechanical Malfunction Disk.

    Downing a Survivor within a 24 meter range of a Flame Turret destroys the Turret.

    Yellow Nemesis Add On:

    Empty T-Virus Vial.

    You get 100% Extra Contamination when hitting a Zombie. But you no longer gain Any Contamination from hitting a Survivor.

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
    D0NN1ED4RK0 Member Posts: 715

    Pyramid head

    Angela’s knife (ultra rare addon)

    Survivors injured by your punishment of the damned are afflicted with the broken status affect for 15 seconds and are hindered for 3 seconds

  • Kuffowi
    Kuffowi Member Posts: 62

    currently maining wraith rn so here we go-

    Dented rearview mirror - ultra rare - when you uncloak you can see auras of injured or dying survivors for 3 seconds. while cloaked, the scratchmarks of survivors are brighter by 5-10%