Design An Addon For Your Favorite Killer(s)!

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I'll start.


  • Empty Rocket Launcher (Uncommon). You now have 4 zombies active on the map, but you no longer gain mutation from killing zombies.
  • Poisonous Hunter Claws (Uncommon). Infecting a survivor with your tentacle strike also injures them.
  • Purified Virus (Common). Any survivor that is killed while infected spawns a zombie at their location.


  • Human Effigy (Uncommon). The illusionary Hags spawned by traps will now pursue survivors for 3 seconds after spawning. Teleporting to your traps incurs a 20 second cooldown.
  • Rare Swampland Fish (Ultra Rare). Instead of summoning traps, you raise a clone of yourself that actively seeks out and attacks the closest survivor. This clone moves at 80% of your movement speed, is destroyed if stunned or blinded and lasts for 20 seconds. Summoning a clone takes 3 seconds, and you may have 3 clones active at any time.


  • Diamond Dust (Ultra Rare). You can no longer decloak. Instead, you can attack while cloaked, but you move at your base uncloaked movement speed. Your terror radius is no longer suppressed while cloaked.


  • Hoffman's Final Trap (Rare). Jigsaw boxes no longer spawn. Instead, the trap must be disarmed by another survivor, and imposes several difficult skill checks. Failing any of these will place the trapped survivor into the dying state. You can only have one active trap at a time.


  • Bloodstained Paddles (Uncommon). Your illusions now turn to follow survivors, and have a terror radius and stain identical to yours.
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    Susie’s Backpack Pin

    Description: Blue Pin worn on Susie’s backpack during both her school and delinquent adventures.

    Rarity: Purple/ Very Rare

    Effect: All pallets vaulted during frenzy are blocked for 5 seconds. The same pallet cannot be blocked more than once.

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    Tattoo's Middle Finger (UR)

    The prized middle finger of a large tattooed man. Has a faint taste of machinery oil.

    • Tonic Gas Clouds will now apply regression to generators.
    Iridescent Finger Bracelet (UR)

    Kenneth's most prized possession. A bracelet with four of his favorite fingers attached to it.

    • The Bottle Carrying capacity is capped to 3 bottles.
    • Antidote Gas Clouds are automatically activated upon contact.


    Chainsaw File (C)

    A file whose purpose is to hone Chainsaw chains.

    • The chainsaw is now activated by holding down the power button. Fully charging it up and releasing the power button will unleash the chainsaw sweep. Releasing the power button without fully charging it up will immediately cancel it.
    • Reduces charge count to 1. The charge count is capped.
    • Increases the base chainsaw sweep duration by 1 second.
    • Increases the revving threshold of the chainsaw by 5 seconds.
    • Charges immediately replenish.

    I think you already know where the above add-on is going.

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    Kramer's Storage - Ultra Rare

    • At the start of the Trial, 4 random Lockers are highlighted in blue for the rest of the trial:
    • You may regain 1 Reverse Bear Trap by searching a highlighted locker when your RBT counter is at 0.
    • The searched locker's aura is then removed, with 1 other highlighted locker also losing its aura: these may no longer be searched to regain RBTs.

    More traps are a thing most Pigs salivate for, plus some RBT randomness thrown in on the killer end too.

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    I would opt to do a complete rework of Nemesis' iridescent addons.

    Current Iridescent Umbrella Badge: Survivors are inflicted with the exposed status effect for 30 seconds after injecting a vaccine

    New Iridescent Umbrella Badge: 

    • The Nemesis can see the aura of infected survivors when they are further than 48 meters away from him. 
    • Survivors see The Nemesis' aura for 5 seconds after injecting a vaccine

    Current Shattered S.T.A.R.S. Badge: Tremendously increases zombie movement speed for 60 seconds after a generator is repaired.

    New Shattered S.T.A.R.S. Badge:

    • Considerably decreases the cooldown after breaking a pallet with Tentacle Strike (From 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds)
    • You begin the Trial in Mutation Stage 2

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    Mm. Nemesis really needs some mechanic to make the virus more than a minor inconvenience for survivors. I barely even see people cleanse the damn thing now, it honestly just seems better not to bother.

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    Did you not read the first addon? That was definitely be more than a minor inconvenience

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  • TeabaggingGhostface
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    Iridescent oni addon: Iridescent kanobo handle

    Your blood fury meter no longer decreases while demon dashing

    Your turn rate for demon dashing is considerably better (20%)

    You lose considerably more of your blood fury meter when downing a survivor (20% more of the amount you usually lose)

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    Ah, Oni. One of the killers that I really want to like, but struggle to.

    I dig your idea though.

    Here's one of mine:

    Namahage Knife: Blood orbs no longer spawn. Instead, hitting 3 survivors will automatically cause you to enter demon form. This effect will also trigger upon the completion of 3, 4 and 5 generators.

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    Discarted mix tape (common)

    Frenzy fatigue is now silent

    Stab wound studies (rare)

    Hitting a Survivor highlighted by Killer Instinct while in Feral Frenzy reduces their deep wound timer by 35% and increases the reduction by an aditional 35% for the next survivor hit highlighted by killer instinct hit.

    After the 4th hit feral frenzy ends

    So bassically if you can stab 4 survivors in a single frenzy the 4th one will be downed

    Frank's mixtape (rare)

    Feral Frenzy also applies oblivious untill mended

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    Iridescent addon - Aging is unavoidable: Corrupted survivor has 45 sec to find Pool of Devotion and cure himself. Otherwise he looses one health bar (full health into njured, from injured into dying state)

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    Pig: Iridiscent Blade

    Ambush attacks instadown survivors.

    No sound warning when using an ambush Attack.

    Ambush speed slightly reduced.

    Myers: Iridiscent Knife

    Doubles the amount of Evil within needed to tier up.

    Passes from Tier 1 to Tier 3.

    After Tier 3 ends goes back to Tier 1.

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    Why would you want to go back down to t1 on myers lol

  • elpoh
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    because i like being a ninja without wasting a perk slot for monitor & abuse

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    Here’s mine for clown

    Tatoo’s middle finger: After hooking a survivor all of your bottles are automatically reloaded

    Redhead’s pinky finger: Survivors who cure their intoxication with an antidote become exposed for 15 seconds

    Spirit of hawtshorn: When invigorated gain the undectectable status effect for 10 seconds

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    T1 Myers would be the slowest ninja ever. Maybe it should also increased his t1 movement speed. Otherwise all 5 gens will probably be done before you even reach your first t3

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    It would be genuinely hilarious to just be able to blind survivors for once haha.

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    Devious Dust- Any time a survivor disarms a trap, Trapper gains the Undetectable status for 15 seconds.

    Blinding Powder- Inflicts Blindness on any survivor for 60 seconds. All survivors who come into contact with the inflicted player also become Blinded for 60 seconds.

    Oil of Remorse- Any survivor who disarms a trap receives a 25% penalty to their action speed. Applies to generator repair, healing and totem cleansing.

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    Doctor: Annoying addon that everyone hates- When using static blast your terror radius take's up the entire map

    Spirit: Overpowered addons that everyone hates- When a survivor cleanses your haunted grounds (because we know your running it) Just phase at the speed of sound to the nearest gen and down everyone in like 20 seconds, then everyone dc's

    Legion: Iridescent Glock- gives the legion a gun

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    Heavy Clutch (Rework)

    A well-made clutch that keeps the chain moving smoothly

    When starting a Chainsaw Sprint, you have no collision with the environment for 0.75 seconds.

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    Interlocking Razors (I know that it's already in game just bare with me)

    Makes the boxes skillchecks smaller by 15%

  • [Deleted User]

    Pig definitely needs these kind of add-ons. She got 2 add-ons that punish failing skill checks, but the skill checks are always the same.

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    Not a suggestion but your ultra-rare idea for the Pig sounds really brutal in-game.

  • RaSavage42
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    Especially due to Huntress Lullaby not working with the boxes

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    • Ruin Photograph

    A special picture that was ruined during the development phase.

    • When a survivor falls asleep, their aura is revealed to you for 4 seconds.

    • Playground Rope

    • Increases the rate at which survivors fall asleep by 10%.

    • Jump Rope

    • Increases the rate at which survivors fall asleep by 15%.

    • Swing Chains

    • Increases the rate at which survivors fall asleep by 10%.
    • Decreases the duration at which survivors are immune from falling asleep by 10%.
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    Addon would be brown and take 2 slot

    Name go have fun

    Description: give you the ability to play as the pre rework freddy.

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    Her lore is based around taking breath from people. It would only make sense to have an addon that causes exhaustion.

    They can replace the 3 blink addon with it.

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    Combat Boots: Increase crouched movement by 7%. Decrease base movement by 3%. Increased movement by 2% for each tier of Bloodust gained.

    These numbers of course can be played around with.

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    It would be about on par with some of the better ultra rares, I think.

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    Spare Key. A small house key found hidden under the doormat. It belongs to the one you want - you want this one, and no other.

    Stalking the obsession fills the meter at twice the normal speed. The obsession can be stalked indefinitely. Stalking other survivors fills the meter at 75% of normal speed. Other survivors reach maximum stalk 25% earlier than normal.

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  • Haddix
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    Nemesis -

    Tyrant's Trenchcoat (Ultra Rare)

    • Removes 1 Zombie from the trial
    • Contaminated Survivors damaged by a Zombie are put in the Dying State.
    • Increases Zombie movement speed by 2.75m/s
    • Increases Zombie respawn time by 15 seconds.
    • Increases the visual height of Zombies by 1 meter (because why not)

    The idea would be to dedicate all of your zombie strength to one zombie to make a "tyrant" zombie. I think it'd be funny.

    Hillbilly -

    Mysterious Serum (Ultra Rare)

    A glowing orange serum that seems to originate from the Entity's Realm itself. When used as fuel for the Chainsaw, it grants the Hillbilly abilities mastered by a beast of the fog who shares his strength in speed.

    • During the cool-down time after hitting an obstacle while Chainsaw Sprinting, press the Power Button to initiate another Chainsaw Sprint in the direction that you're facing.
    • This effect goes on cooldown for 15 seconds.

    This is literally Blight in an addon.

    Trickster -

    Musical Blades (Common) - Replaces Memento Blades

    • Grants 200% Bonus Bloodpoints for Showstopper Score Events post-trial.
    • Increasing a Survivor's Laceration Meter with a Blade will play musical notes.

    The notes would make up an entire song, too :). Replaces the regular Blade hit sound.

    Michael Myers -

    Child's Clown Mask (Ultra Rare)

    • There is no cooldown between attacks when downing a Survivor who is not your Obsession in Evil Within III.
    • Downing your Obsession in Evil Within III will result in an increased Successful Attack Cooldown of 5 seconds.
    • Downing a Survivor who is not your Obsession in Evil Within III will decrease the duration of Evil Within III by 3 seconds.

    and then run infectious fright :)

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    This has turned out to be a fun thread. I'll do another.


    Eternally Held Breath (Rare). The Nurse loses the ability to make a second blink, but can now see the aura of any injured survivor within 8ft of a generator, and no longer has a terror radius for 10 seconds after she blinks.

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    Huntress Add-On:

    Hatchets will now bounce on surfaces :D

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    Jenner´s last breath:

    after downing a survivor with a blink you get all your blink charges back

    White nit comb:

    increases your blink lunge range by 5%

    Dull bracelet:

    increases your blink lunge range by 10%

    Anxious gasp:

    increases your blink lunge range by 15%


    removes 1 blink

    increases the nurses movement speed to 4.4m/s for the entire trail

    increases the blink charge cooldown by 3 seconds

    removes all blink fatigue

    those are my nurse addon changes comment if those are broken or meh

  • GannTM
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    The Spirit

    Juniper Bonsai (I’m not creative with names but this add on sucks so let me rework it)

    When The Spirit comes within 8 meters of a survivor that wasn’t in an active chase for the past 20 seconds after phasing, that survivor suffers the exposed status effect for 10 seconds.

    Decreases movements speed by 10%.

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    Another one.


    Mirror Dust (Ultra Rare). While cloaked, if you are afflicted with the Lightburn status, you trigger a blinding explosion that blinds nearby survivors.