Adrenaline Not Activating

Fraz Member Posts: 2

I've been running adrenaline ever since I've had the game. I know how the perk works and what activates it. I've been using it on Mikaela today and it has not been working. I was on the hook as the last gen popped and upon being unhooked my adrenaline did not heal me or give me a speed boost. This has happened twice, unsurprisingly the only two times adrenaline should have activated on my character. I died because of it.

Steps for repeating-

1. Get hooked with 1 gen left

2. Have the last gen pop

3. Get unhooked

4. Watch as adrenaline does not activate.

This may be a console only issue. I'm not sure. I've seen other people complaining about it on PS4 and Xbox, and I play on Switch. Please fix this bug.

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  • conrudy24
    conrudy24 Member Posts: 16

    Just had the exact same scenario happen to me, my adrenaline didn’t pop after getting unhooked and last gen got done while I was on the hook. I’m on PS5

  • Exult
    Exult Member Posts: 100

    Happened to me too.

  • Flowerling
    Flowerling Member Posts: 11

    This has happened to me as well often.

  • wiley_bob
    wiley_bob Member Posts: 5

    Oof I created a separate thread not seeing this first. Happened to me too and I have a recording if interested.

  • dontpanic503
    dontpanic503 Member Posts: 54

    This just happened to me too. On hook, last gen popped, got rescued and was still injured. No speed boost either.

  • Rogue11
    Rogue11 Member Posts: 1,181

    happens on PC as well

  • Eve13
    Eve13 Member Posts: 375

    Happened to me on the PS 4. Was taken off the hook in the end game, hung before the EGC started. No adrenaline. >.<

  • keviolah
    keviolah Member Posts: 7

    This happens to me consistently on PS5. Adrenaline will activate if the last gen was done, and I wasn't on-hook or on the killer's shoulder, but if the last gen is done while I'm being carried or I'm on-hook, then it won't activated once freed.

  • Nomadd
    Nomadd Member Posts: 167

    Same thing happened to me today on multiple occasions. Good job BHVR.

  • Artick
    Artick Member Posts: 623
    edited October 2021

    Is this a bug or a sneaky nerf to a perk that was perfectly fine? I really hope it's a bug tho.

  • Elleeuh
    Elleeuh Member Posts: 1

    I also just had this happen today on PS4. Although, I thought it was because at the time, while facing a Doctor, I was tier three insane so when I got unhooked I had to 'snap out of it'.

  • inarichii
    inarichii Member Posts: 1

    Looks like they did a sneaky nerf? When checking the description it now says “when exit gates are powered” or was that always the description always been this? Either way I’ve never seen it active when the gates are opened

  • ugDUST
    ugDUST Member Posts: 51

    When the exit gates are powered means when the last gen is finished.

  • PlayBothSideBruh
    PlayBothSideBruh Member Posts: 21

    It's still not work.

    I was fast vault in the locker and then use head on.

    The moment right after the stun.

    Adrenaline activate but it doesn't heal me. I only get haste boost.

    And yep, I died that match.