Chat filter censors out unnecessary words like "killer", "facecamp", and "Tapp".

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As a Detective Tapp who was just facecamped by the killer, i wasn't able to use any of the proper nouns to talk to my teammates after the match.


This is an M rated game.

Get rid of this stupid chat filter already.

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  • FeryGEN
    FeryGEN Member Posts: 623

    Censorship works for words like "dead hurd", "hurdermanskiy", these are my favorite words for "dead hard"

  • FeryGEN
    FeryGEN Member Posts: 623

    i know more bad words! Meg Main, Felix, Dead Hurd:) How is it works that censorship?

  • Leonardo1ita
    Leonardo1ita Member Posts: 2,139

    That's not the point, the point is that so many unnecessary words are censored from the chat, for example: Dowsey, Jake Park, facecamp, irl, in real life, cell, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many other words. It's insane how many other words are censored every single time. Sometimes you cannot even say a single letter!

  • Predated
    Predated Member Posts: 2,822

    I think they used a learning AI to recognise insults, and with things as "you #########" being censored, people instead started using stuff like "meg head" as an insult more often.

    From an AI perspective, its completely logical that some of the words get censored. Which is good on one hand, especially for people who stream the game. It prevents anti-TOS stuff from happening for example.

    From a logical perspective, why not simply ask a list from companies like Twitch on what words are bannable on stream and put that through the filter instead? Especially now there is that Twitch Prime collaboration too.

  • FrauZockinsky
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    The german city names Frankfurt and Leipzig are censored. Not that I need those very often, but ######### XD How does that even happen. If you need another argument why content filters are bad news, there you go.

  • crystalkitti
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    As long as I can recall, with this filter in place, the game censors things like the names of characters, maps, and perks. I literally couldn't (and I'm sure I still can't) say "Yun-Jin"... I've seen people get insulted and cussed out, and that doesn't get censored, but I try and say "sorry you died, Nancy" and it censors her name????????

  • Miss_Johnny
    Miss_Johnny Member Posts: 55

    I once wrote the word 'deutsch' (german) which got censored. Yeah, the new filter is ridiculous.

  • Mitsui
    Mitsui Member Posts: 74

    words like "bastante" or "hora" that are words in Spanish are also censored and it is quite illogical.

  • foolishmortals
    foolishmortals Member Posts: 37

    the perks Rancor and Red Herring are also censored. I assume in the latter case the filter thinks that it's someone's IRL name, but...

  • Caruto_san
    Caruto_san Member Posts: 16

    I noticed the Rancor censor today lol it honestly looks worse censoring the words with #####. It really makes the people you talk to in the chat think you're trying to be offensive. 😅

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    BHVR, you guys see your chat filter is ridiculous and inconsistent.

    Instead of limiting our ability to communicate after a match in a laughably bad manner, just remove it. You already missed the mark. Do better a second time around if you really feel the need to keep a chat filter.

  • darkcloudlink
    darkcloudlink Member Posts: 326

    I hate the chat filter in this game. For an 18+ game, we don’t need to be treated like babies. It’s insulting and the stupid filter doesn’t even work right. Honestly, filtering names and match related terms? If all you want us to say is “gg” at the end of the match, give us preset messages and stop giving us the illusion of an endgame chat because it feels like half the dictionary is filtered out.

  • Ayesha
    Ayesha Member Posts: 38

    It actually happened to me who try to explain how the tapp got killed, but the censor totally misled it into a bunch of censors and got me to look like I was throwing an insult.

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    I literally couldn't tell a survivor that they died because the killer had rancor. The word obsession and variations of "kill" were all censored.

  • Fukse
    Fukse Member Posts: 106

    yep, the game is friendly for new players and community driven player teachings

  • notlousie
    notlousie Member Posts: 16

    Yes, I also agree with this. It has gotten ridiculous at this point.

    I wrote 'sadge' and it got censored. Also survivor names, e.g. 'Meg'.

  • Deadeye
    Deadeye Member Posts: 3,627

    I even got "gg" censored once. And I already once opened a thread to collect BS censors by everyone to show how broken the filter is. Also you cant type in different languages because random stuff is censored for no reason

    And it got no response at all. Noone cares about the filter. Funny that it annoys harder than it suppresses bad language. And when bad language is used you basically know what was to be said anyway, while the normal chat is not readable at all xD

  • FeryGEN
    FeryGEN Member Posts: 623

    One survivor had the nickname Benhamin, even his name was censored when I contacted him. You understand, this censor interferes with normal communication, even if you are just trying to talk.

  • Phantom_
    Phantom_ Member Posts: 1,149

    Perk names, survivor/killer names, and random words are filtered now I've noticed.

    Yesterday I typed to someone in response: no the killer was on me.

    And it showed as: no the killer ### ## ##

    Which is great, because the killer then thinks I'm insulting them 😅 😕

  • Turretcube
    Turretcube Member Posts: 377

    "Red Herring" & "Herring" both get censored, just to add to the pile of odd censoring

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    I said something like "I came out with head on then back in with quick and quiet".

    It filtered it to be something that sounded very lewd.

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    The chat filter actually filters out the word "kill people". It's literally a mechanic of the game.

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    "Facecamper" is being filtered out as well. This is a no-no word the devs even use in their commentary of the game.

  • Floofzy_Kitten
    Floofzy_Kitten Member Posts: 65

    A lot of perk names are censored for some reason

  • foolishmortals
    foolishmortals Member Posts: 37

    you'd think the very least that could be done is add a whitelist for terms within the filter so it stops flagging rancor and red herring, and such

  • BubbleBuster
    BubbleBuster Member Posts: 387

    the letter m got censored :)

    someone called me a facecamper but that got censored so they said "face" "#######"

    then they spelled it out letter by letter "c" "a" "#" "p"


  • paladinbohne
    paladinbohne Member Posts: 12

    even "u 2" will be "# #" ... but "u2" is okay... and a bunch of random german words. they should just give the option to enable/disable censor

  • whereismykebab
    whereismykebab Member Posts: 227

    Yeah, the times the filter makes things look like insults by filtering random words is way higher than actual insults

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    I literally just said "gg" and that was filtered.

  • fogdonkey
    fogdonkey Member Posts: 1,567

    Probably it will take them 2 anniversary streams to tell how soon™ the fix is coming.

  • mizark3
    mizark3 Member Posts: 1,537

    "Killed her" and "Yun-Jin" are still blocked as well. At least have a word replacement filter like Town of Salem. If you use a "naughty" word it converts it to stuff like tarnation, balderdash, snap crackle pop, flummery, child born out of wedlock, kick the bucket, feeble minded, codswallop. I also am rather fond of "you suck" being converted to "you are a great player".

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    "Facecamping" was still being censored.

  • Norhc
    Norhc Member Posts: 575

    I'm starting to think that they'll never acknowledge their terrible chat filter that nobody asked for.

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    "Slugged" was censored today.

  • Mat_Sella
    Mat_Sella Member Posts: 3,536

    My favorite censor is Yun Jin Lee, you know, the survivor from DBD. Censored.

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    I'd love for this to be addressed by the devs at some point. You guys must have seen this, seeing as how its one of the oldest and most posted on bug reports.

  • squirtinq
    squirtinq Member Posts: 32


    please and thank you

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    The chat filter censored "bubba".

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    The chat filter censored "facecamping".

  • Malkhrim
    Malkhrim Member Posts: 851

    This thread is from a year ago. And the devs keep ignoring the chat filter problem. Yikes.

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    I literally said "two kills isn't terrible" trying to encourage a newer killer.

    "two kills isn't" was censored, so it looked like "** ***** ***** terrible"

    Which objectively looks worse.

    Come on guys.

    It's been over a year.

    Make some sort of a statement.

  • FilthyLegionMain
    FilthyLegionMain Member Posts: 1,148

    If the devs ignore this, they are poopyheads.

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    "Assassin" was censored.

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    Surprisingly, a survivor calling me a "cuckolding ######### killer" was not censored.

  • captain_murphy
    captain_murphy Member Posts: 98

    Unsurprising, the forum's properly developed censor picked up the bad word and censored it.

  • KrosseKrabbePizza
    KrosseKrabbePizza Member Posts: 161

    How long do we have to beg for the removal of this stupid nonsense feature?

    But BHVR often made some questionable choices.

    If you don´t want to read slurs, why don´t we have the option to opt out the chat instead of bringing a broken blurr mechanic?

    If you are affected by flashlight clickers, why don´t you get an option to opt out the sounds and lights instead of removing it for everyone (which affects also 360 and other things)

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