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PS4 - Connection with host error message/time out

bm33 Member Posts: 8,079
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After not playing for about a week I hopped on last night and started getting these error messages "Connection with host could not be established. Please try again." or "Matchmaking process failed. Reason: timeoutCreated" when trying to find a survivor match. The error pops up within about 30 seconds of my hitting "ready". It will happen 2-3 times before I instantly load into a lobby. I figured I would wait until after today's patch to see if maybe it would fix itself but I am still getting this error message several times in a row when trying to find a lobby. I tested this as solo to see if I still get error message to make sure swf was not causing the issue and it happens both as swf and solo. My swf teammate also has experienced the error message both as swf and solo. I don't know if it also happens on killer side since I haven't played killer since this started. The error isn't every single time, probably 1 out of every 2 or 3 matches.

Steps to recreate

1. PS4, crossplay off, play as survivor

2. Ready up to go into a match - receive connection/time out error

*edit to add the second message since they seem to alternate*

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Thank you for your report. This was a temporary issue that has since been resolved. For any further issues you might be experiencing please visit our Tech Sub Forum for assistance.


  • adrianharlet
    adrianharlet Member Posts: 4

    This is happening to me as well. All the same info except I am on PC and can be waiting for a lobby for up to 5 min before the error occurs. With friends, without friends, and with killer as well only worse with patch. I was only able to get into one match with new killer within the first hour of buying her due to this error.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,747

    Had this happen several times over the last few days.

  • annoyed_no_update
    annoyed_no_update Member Posts: 9

    It’s happening to me, next to impossible to find killer matches. Keeps saying “Reason: timeoutCreated”

    I’m on PS5. I can literally only get into a game once every 30 minutes, so I gave up playing for now.

  • GoodBoyKaru
    GoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 22,600

    Can confirm this is affecting me as both killer and survivor. Only seems to be as killer after I've been queuing for a while.

    PC (Steam), Solo Survivor + Killer, has not happened this morning but was common last night. Cross play on.

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