New chapter trophies bugged on PS4

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I have done both adept Onryo and Yoichi. The trophy for each popped up at the end of the match as normal. But when I went to look at my actual trophies neither had been unlocked.

In fact it says none of the trophies have been done by anyone on PS4 yet and the chapter has been out for three and a half hours now.

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  • hotpinkmonkey88
    hotpinkmonkey88 Member Posts: 2

    I got both adept trophies and it didn’t show it when I went to look to see what other trophies there was for the new chapter 😞 I hope it get fix and that we don’t have to do them again.

  • MegMain98
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    Yep. Me too. I got the adept for Sadako on my first match. It popped in the top right of my screen but I look at my trophy list and it wasn’t there so it is clearly a bug.

    Don’t worry, all of us PS4 players have this bug. It says 0.0% of players have earned all of the trophies for this chapter.

    I just hope we don’t have to re-earn them 😭

  • Zelyais
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    Same here, appears to be PS4 only, PS5 has values between 0.1 to 0.3% depending on Trophy, already send in a Support Ticket that got answered so they are aware of the Problem, let's just cross fingers they find the underlying Problem quickly <3

  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,466

    Ideal scenario is they fix it and the trophies will unlock rather than having to repeat them again. Adept killer is never easy.

  • CocoChriss
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    I have the same issue on ps4. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Unlocked dlc trophies are not listed, all completion percentages are 0.0% and I cannot sync my trophies at all since the udpdate.

  • foxdies
    foxdies Member Posts: 2

    this is also happening to me, i have adept yoichi and viral video but both arent unlocking.

  • Marble_Index
    Marble_Index Member Posts: 49

    Has this been adressed by anyone yet? DbD or PS?

  • Zelyais
    Zelyais Member Posts: 19

    Reported it with this Thread as reference, so at least BHVR is aware of it.

  • DrownedCancer
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    Unlocked Adept Onryo myself on ps4. Saw the trophy pop up but whenever I go to check my trophy list its not there. I know someone who also got adept yoichi and are having the same issues.

  • Anton_games337
    Anton_games337 Member Posts: 6

    Same thing on ps4 version for me. Please, fix it as soon as possible!!!

  • deadbodyman62
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    I'm having the same problem, I've submitted a support ticket before seeing this thread. I Did both adepts, have screenshots of the achievement unlocks, but nothing shows up in the trophy section. I wander if its only Sadako Rising chapter or all of PS4's trophies right now? I've been doing some achievement hunting with the tome done, and I feel like i shouldnt continue if this is issue is across the whole game.

  • VoidVictorious
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    I submitted a ticket as well and I can share a link of a community of trophy hunters that are just as frustrated with this issue as me. I’m primarily frustrated because if anything happens to our consoles and data is lost we will have redo work on our end to earn the trophies again. Since we did pay for this dlc, I would appreciate a response and a timeframe for a fix. Thanks so much!

    Here is a link to PS4 users complaining about this issue:

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  • Sealaris
    Sealaris Member Posts: 4

    It's now been fixed!! The trophy syncing is live!!

  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,466

    I can confirm it is indeed fixed. I just checked mine. Any trophies you've earned will be there. No need to repeat them.

    Happy days.

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,063

    My Adept trophy is also there and all trophies are now showing % completed by others on ps4 instead of 0.

  • VoidVictorious
    VoidVictorious Member Posts: 21

    Thanks to both the DBD community and QA team. Things are fixed!

  • Mandy
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    Glad to hear this is resolved now, I will close the bug report.

    Enjoy your games!

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