Dailies cannot be re-rolled.

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Platform: PC

Description: Recieved new Daily, re-roll button is greyed out as if i have already used it, i have no other dailies but the new one.

Reproduction: Recieve new Daily

Occurance: As of now, seven time's in succesion, when the update went live, the dailies i had couldn't be re-rolled (I completed these on the day the update went live) and the three dailies i have recieved since cannot be re-rolled. I was sitting with 3 new dailies i was given afterwards that i cannot re-roll. Having 3 dailies and logging in the day after the re-roll they were still greyed out, completed 2 of the dailies and the re-roll is still greyed out.

After Grade Reset my dailies section is empty instead of giving me a new daily, i have also lost a daily i had not completed. Update to this, today i recieved 2 dailies instead of 1, both had there re-roll options greyed out.

Edit: updated occurance as it happens. I'm going to stop updating it unless something changes, all the points where it could have fixed itself have come and gone.

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  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,069

    Same problem on ps4

  • SickyScotty
    SickyScotty Member Posts: 13

    Xbox One as well. I got three dailies after the update and haven't been able to reroll any of them.

  • Bwsted
    Bwsted Member Posts: 3,452

    Imagine getting the Demo daily, which is bugged, and getting stuck with it because one can't reroll.

    DbD at its finest.

  • shalo
    shalo Member Posts: 1,459

    Same on PC for me, I can't reroll any rituals. So much for the "rework".

  • FakeGamee96
    FakeGamee96 Member Posts: 10

    Same problem with xbox one. Since the update I have not being able to re-roll any daily. Constantly grey even if its my first time opening game in two days.

  • Djinn137
    Djinn137 Member Posts: 1

    I also have the same problem on pc.

  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 21,927
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    @shalo & @bm33 I've dm'd you. Please have a look when you can, thank you.

  • Xyex
    Xyex Member Posts: 136

    PS4, same problem here.

  • UrbanEvading
    UrbanEvading Member Posts: 35

    I have this same problem on PS5.

  • AlphaLouie19
    AlphaLouie19 Member Posts: 4

    I also have this problem on PC

  • bepis_enjoy
    bepis_enjoy Member Posts: 2

    Same here on PC. I'm a survivor main stuck with 3 perks for killers I don't even like using. Haven't been able to do dailies since the latest update dropped.

  • SickyScotty
    SickyScotty Member Posts: 13

    Personal update: After my first comment, I was able to reroll a daily the next day but then have again not been able to reroll at all. (Xbox One)

  • Happilychee
    Happilychee Member Posts: 1

    I have the same problem on PS5. Couldn't reroll since the patch.

  • wimpy
    wimpy Member Posts: 261
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    I will post a video to help with this issue.


    The re-roll button repeatedly grayed out or enabled on each retry.

    Patch 5.6.0 stated "Dev Note: The tracking system for Daily Rituals has been reworked." However, there seems to be a problem with synchronization.

    Platform: PC-steam

  • N8dog
    N8dog Member Posts: 541

    I haven't experienced this problem on Xbox one. I have 2 killer challenges that i'm choosing to wait on due to higher que times. (gotta wait on the ring novelty to wear off first I guess)

  • kizuati
    kizuati Member Posts: 1,386

    I had this,it's greyed out in the play killer/survivor,but not in the main menu.

  • Zyie
    Zyie Member Posts: 90

    I'm on PC (Game Pass/Windows Store)

    Had the same issue since the patch, same with a friend of mine. Haven't been able to re-roll even once since then.

    Tried Kizuati's suggestion, but the button is greyed out for me in main menu, when I access it as a survivor and as a killer, so no work-around as far as I can find.

  • AlphaLouie19
    AlphaLouie19 Member Posts: 4

    Same as Zyie.. I'm also on PC tried the work around posted above.. Still can't re-roll my dailies

  • lewisty
    lewisty Member Posts: 30

    Same here on pc

  • shalo
    shalo Member Posts: 1,459

    It's fixed for me after the latest hotfix.