Can you please change the Achievement/Trophy description of Triage?

Quink Member Posts: 53
edited March 2022 in Feedback and Suggestions

It currently says (Triage - Heal survivors that come to you 30 times.)

But that is simply not correct. It should be more along the lines of "Have Survivor run atleast 16 meters towards you while you remain within 16 meters of where you were when that survivor got hit" If that how this trophy/Achievement work. I read its something like that.

I've had several injured survivors run across the map to me but it doesn't count because of how you programmed this trophy/achi...


  • scoser
    scoser Member Posts: 444

    They did say that they'd update the description, but not how it's actually programmed, but you'll probably have to wait for a hotfix at least for that to be changed.