Spirit bug has been in the game since her nerf

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Step 1: Boot up the game

Step 2: Play as spirit in any mode (custom or public)

Step 3: Start phasing

Step 4: Notice it takes a moment to get up to full speed, by the time you're at full speed you have lost roughly 1/4 of your power gauge (without duration add-ons). This effect is more noticeable with speed add-ons. This doesn't always happen and its intensity varies every time, at least for me.

https://youtu.be/SrlZEGmHMXQ Pre-nerf, she had no acceleration.

https://youtu.be/4hzlTS5Wymk Post-nerf, the spirit accelerates when starting to phase and when she gets to full speed, 1/4 of her power has already been used.

If this was intended, please address it, if not then please fix it because it makes her feel clunky.

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