Corrupt Intervention (in some form) should be base kit in 2022.

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With the way the (stale) survivor meta has been over the last couple years, the implementation of SBMM and the issue with SWFs, it's long overdue that Corrupt Intervention in some form or another, should be base kit. It shouldn't even be a question at this point. Is it a long term fix? No but the early game is in desperate need of it and adding perks like Lethal Persurer and Floods Of Rage isn't cutting it nor is it helping just how awful the early game is for killers. There's been a massive uptick in tunneling because there's no getting a jump these days unless you a) play a flawless game with literally 0 mistakes, b) are playing Nurse or Blight or c) have a survivor DC or luck out in playing with a room of strictly solo sirvivors. It's gross and is only part of the reason why so many killers are leaving the game (myself included). If you can't ever feel like you're getting a win, regardless of skill, what's even the point of playing anymore?

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