PC - Rancor does not apply exposed / allow mori on obsession

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As title says - just played a match on haddonfield and after all gens were complete, this Steve did not become exposed (I had to hit them twice) and I had no kill prompt!

The Steve in post-game also said they didnt recall seeing my aura. They also are pretty sure they were marked as the obsession.


Edit for additional context: Nemesis did not proc this game, the obsession did not change during this match using Nemesis, DS, For the People, or any other source that can cause the obsession to change (if any)

Edit Edit: Additional info / formatting to better comply with bug-report standards

Step 1: Let the gens fly by like Hermes delivering an urgent message to Zeus himself

Step 2: Hit the obsession with a large rock, fists, thin slice of metal, etc

Step 3: Like a fickle duke withdrawing their levies on the eve of a crucial field battle, Rancor does not insta-down the survivor nor offer the ability to do some good, entity-unapproved hands-on murdering

Platform: PC

Killer: Pyramid Head

Perks: Rancor, Endurance, Nemesis, Spirit Fury (it's a very funny build)

Map: Haddonfield

Frequency of the issue: Just this one, not going to continue running rancor to find out as it's very embarrassing to run without the ability to deliver on its tantalizing promise

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  • HamEggMcMuffin
    HamEggMcMuffin Member Posts: 2

    I have the same issue, Rancor on Legion last few matches has done nothing but give me gen completion info.

  • Mozic
    Mozic Member Posts: 601

    Im adding further evidence to help isolate the issue! Steve happened to be streaming and you can see from his perspective - no exposed, and definitely the correct obsession target!

  • katoptris
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    Same here playing as nemesis on haddonfield. It happen to me on xbox series s.

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  • TVX45MX
    TVX45MX Member Posts: 1

    Same here twice in a row. Same map, same killer

    Map: glenvale

    Xbox series s


    After all gens are done, obsession is not exposed and can not Mori, even if I donwn them hitting twice.

  • Monocaine
    Monocaine Member Posts: 1

    I was the streamer in question, I have not seen an aura the entire time playing with Pyramid head, never got an exposed effect. Didn't even realize Rancor was even in the game until the score screen. Definitely should of died there.

    You can see that the gens are done, I have no exposed effect, he had to hit me twice rather than once, and no mori.

    Perk is definitely bugged.

  • Vahliya
    Vahliya Member Posts: 12

    Just had the same while trying Spirt adept. Can confirm that there's no exposed status and no prompt to mori the obsession once all gens were completed. Gen completion info works as normal.

  • LordEdrusRex
    LordEdrusRex Member Posts: 2

    It also doesn't work with deathslinger on pale rose.

  • MelodySong01
    MelodySong01 Member Posts: 2

    I just had the same thing happen with Spirit on The Game and Legion on Sanctum of Wrath.

  • VampireSauce
    VampireSauce Member Posts: 2

    Same problem on Legion