Botanist Extraordinaire Challenge can't be completed

PC (Steam). Played as Cheryl, Claudette, Dwight, Meg, Ace, and Felix. Played on different maps including Haddonfield, Crotus Prenn, and Springwood.

Step 1: Select Botanist Extraordinaire challenge from Archives

Step 2: Equip Ranger Med-Kit with Gauze Roll and Bandages add-ons

Step 3: Equip Botany Knowledge perk

Step 4: Heal a survivor from dying state to full health using the med-kit

Step 5: Heal another survivor using the medkit, exhausting the charges

Step 6: End game screen - didn't complete challenge

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  • Crypto_Pneuma
    Crypto_Pneuma Member Posts: 8

    I even tried that with no luck. Teammate was downed next to me and abandoned by the killer and I used a medkit to pick them up from dying to injured, then injured to healthy. During the same round I healed other survivors after unhooking them with a medkit and it didn't change anything. I'm guessing this bug was introduced during a patch or update in the last few months. Since it's in an old tome people are less likely to uncover it while grinding through the SAW one and now the Twins.

  • Hilda8012
    Hilda8012 Member Posts: 3

    I have tried this challenge for the past two days and had no luck. I have tried all different typed of medkits, and have made sure the perk was selected. I have even played with friends and made sure that I was the only person healing them.

  • Klavatoo
    Klavatoo Member Posts: 61

    Still not working.

  • MyDearFrodo
    MyDearFrodo Member Posts: 3

    Adding to this. Tried everything!

  • Mistah_Jay22
    Mistah_Jay22 Member Posts: 2

    I appreciate the steady updates whole heartedly.

    Especially since tome 11 is at level 3 now and I still haven't finished the first tome because of this. :(

  • Shootinglegend12
    Shootinglegend12 Member Posts: 9

    It's really frustrating because I never really paid too much attention back then to the tomes now I'm stuck and can't complete that one which its one of the important ones of course

  • QuietShadow10
    QuietShadow10 Member Posts: 6

    As of June 4th, it still does not work

  • Madibe
    Madibe Member Posts: 6

    It says that the bug has Been acknowledged, So hopefully in the next update this will be fixed.

  • zapsclaps
    zapsclaps Member Posts: 4

    In the patch notes it mentions fixing this issue and I just got it on my first try!

  • Madibe
    Madibe Member Posts: 6

    It’s fixed! Got it in my first actual attempt as well.

    THANK YOU!!!

  • QuietShadow10
    QuietShadow10 Member Posts: 6


  • Og1
    Og1 Member Posts: 2

    I just completed the challenge I used the, botanist perk, ranger med kit, brown bandages and yellow scissors add-on’s, I unhooked the survivor I began to heal her the normal way and a lil after I switched to the med kit to compete the heal and I repeated the same procedure. Note you do not have to make it out alive, The Dreadge, wound up sacrificing me. Btw I was using, Dwight. Good luck everybody! 🍀

  • Firethorn
    Firethorn Member Posts: 31

    Seems to be bugged again since the new patch. Now I'm not even seeing progress when using both the perk and the medkit in benevolence badge progress.

    I get badge progress when NOT using the medkit, but that doesn't help the achievement.

  • The_Yosh
    The_Yosh Member Posts: 49
    edited July 2022


    Still bugged, I have completed it twice now. Once with an aid-kit, once with a ranger med-kit. Straight off hook heals, making sure it was a full state with med-kit only. I also made sure to heal another person just in case.

    I have video evidence of the challenge not completing.

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  • JacobiusWick
    JacobiusWick Member Posts: 161

    Also having issues with this challenge. Fix please.

  • Seraphima
    Seraphima Member Posts: 1

    still bugged

  • Xsoid
    Xsoid Member Posts: 1

    The problem is relevant on Xbox

  • Euphoricals
    Euphoricals Member Posts: 1

    This is still an issue on PC as of 8/3/22. Tried completing with different medkits, different survivors, still bugged.

  • amontgomery
    amontgomery Member Posts: 1

    still not working, contacted support, and they were no help either

  • ThatYellowBunny
    ThatYellowBunny Member Posts: 6
    edited August 2022

    Still impossible on PS4 Pro, as of August 7, 2022. Healed four different people in the same match between both a green and purple medkit, finished the heals out with the kits and everything too.

  • Nilli02
    Nilli02 Member Posts: 2
    edited September 5

    The bug is fixed, I finished the quest.

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  • Buggz
    Buggz Member Posts: 1

    Still bugged on xbox via August 14th

  • Timo425
    Timo425 Member Posts: 20

    Still bugged on ps4 as well August 15 2022.

  • Voodoomancer
    Voodoomancer Member Posts: 28

    Still bugged on ps4 version as of August 28th 2022.

    Someone hit me up when it works again.

  • Fred_krueger
    Fred_krueger Member Posts: 163

    So are they serious?

    Whats the point of these reports? This was posted april, and acknowledged early may. Here we are in september and its still not fixed.

  • ZorTheCruel
    ZorTheCruel Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2022

    On PC at least, this bug is currently fixed. I finished this rift challenge yesterday. (It shouldn't matter, but i was using Claudette with a yellow kit and Bandages + Gauze roll addons.) I fully healed 2 survivors with the kit, even though it technically only says "finish healing" with a medkit.

  • Fred_krueger
    Fred_krueger Member Posts: 163
    edited October 2022

    this bug is currently fixed - PC STEAM !!

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  • Agt_Scully
    Agt_Scully Member Posts: 139

    Still not working on PC as of November 29, 2022. I'm guessing the Forged in Fog update bugged the challenge, if it was ever really corrected.

  • lewissurg
    lewissurg Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Does anyone know if it’s still bugged? (PS5 User)