Hook stages are bugged - players dying instantly on 'second hook'

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Since the patch dropped, hooks don't seem to be functioning properly. I can't speak for the second stage self-unhook bug anymore, but players' hook stages are not being marked when they progress to second stage via being left on hook or failing to struggle free, which leads to survivors appearing to be instantly sacrificed on their second hook. I've seen this happen twice today where a player who was shown to be on their first hook died upon being hooked. I was never able to see the players' timers for myself (I was either the killer or being chased), but one of the matches in question had a TTV killer, and watching the footage from the other end made things more clear. I also observed two players never hit second phase despite never being unhooked. They were shown to be on stage 1 all the way until the timer bottomed out and they were sacrificed.

It seems that the issue is that while the stage progression is being internally recorded, the display elements aren't getting updated when a survivor has been left on hook - it doesn't show up on the survivor HUD, that player's sacrifice timer, or the killer's hook counter, but they still are treated as having hit the struggle phase and will die the next time they're hooked despite all indicators being to the contrary.

Edited for clarity of where the problem is (since players aren't actually dying before they should, it just looks like they are.)

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