The Cenobite is bugged

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Went to play The Cenobite for a daily, hadn't played either of them in a long time so I picked The Chatterer for the job. The minute I went for a possessed hook, his power bugged out completely. You can't swing your weapon, you get no prompts or ability to kick gens or vault, it just renders him useless all together other than being able to move him around with your joystick. It's happened twice now with the Chatterer. Not sure if it's the add-ons or what. Going to try Pinhead and see if that changes anything.

I'm playing on PS4 btw. Having issues trying to attach a video clip but if I can figure it out, I'll attach it in the comments.

Was using:

Add-ons: Torture Pillar and Impaling Wire

Perks: Franklin's Demise, Discordance, A Nurse's Calling and Pop Goes The Weasle.

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