PC - Black Bubble Blocking Auras

Darkwing_Dork Member Posts: 31

The black bubble that appears when a generator is completed or when a survivor is hooked, currently blocks auras. So for example, when a survivor is hooked, you cannot see their aura until the black bubble fades. This has a negative effect on some aura reading perks such as Bitter Murmur and Kindred.

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  • crystalkitti
    crystalkitti Member Posts: 315

    Ok, so it's not just me!!! good to know. I noticed I couldn't see Survivor auras when they got hooked...

  • Marc_123
    Marc_123 Member Posts: 3,210

    Yes, noticed that too. I use kindred and you can´t see the killer anymore.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
    Chocolate_Cosmos Member Posts: 4,946

    Nerfed Kindred :(

  • BubbleWrap
    BubbleWrap Member Posts: 21

    Yeah, I actually hate this a lot, I hope it's unintentional and gets fixed

  • wayhaught
    wayhaught Member Posts: 5

    Can confirm this happens on console as well (PS5 and PS4)

  • Tsukah
    Tsukah Member Posts: 390

    It's on every platform my dude, not just PC