Selecting Loadout, Bloodweb, or Customize CHANGES Character

SixthWeasley Member Posts: 1

So I've recently come across this really odd bug that I've never seen before.

I was playing fine earlier, then I finished a match as Ghostface. I went to check his Loadout....and it pulled up Legion. I was confused. I went back to Ghostface...and the same thing happened. So on Legion, I chose Bloodweb.....and it took me to Huntress. So I went to Trickster and chose Customize...and it pulled up Ghostface.

So right now if I want to alter a specific character, I have to choose the killer AFTER them and then pick what I want to alter, and it will take me to the killer I actually want to alter.

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  • Deltapapa37
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    Did you ever figure out how to fix this. I ran into the same thing today after pruchasing Good guy.