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When is the new rift?

RatMilkOwO Member Posts: 76

Just curious


  • Jarky
    Jarky Member Posts: 586
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    There is currently no date announced for the next rift, but they have typically in the past released shortly after the mid-chapter is released.

  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 14,481
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    It’s pretty much always shortly after the midchapter release, an update is required for the new content (cosmetics, challenges etc).

    there is no official date confirmed but speculated is 19th July - or at least in that week. Could of course be a little later depending on internal scheduling, bugs and what kind of feedback they want to implement for the live release and not in later patches

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  • ACleverName4Me
    ACleverName4Me Member Posts: 445

    Mid chapter update should be on the 19th of this month so the rift should open on the 20th.