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Developers - I'm not sure why I'd ever use Overcharge over COB. Instant 200% regression vs 30s.

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Disclaimer: I'm not arguing against PTB Overcharge needing a nerf or otherwise. I'm arguing that this change hurts variety, strips identity, and leaves the perk entirely redundant. It's no more relevant than it was pre-patch.

Call of Brine:

Kick Gen -> Instantly start regression that depletes progress at 200% speed (0.5 charges per second) -> Also apply an effect that notifies you whenever someone succeeds a skillcheck on that gen.

This effect lasts for 60 seconds, granting you a maximum of 30% progress reduction in a 60-second period. Nice. Very useful.

New Overcharge:

Kick Gen -> Generator begins regressing at 75% speed, a SLOWER RATE than base regression speed. Over 30 SECONDS, it will increase to a maximum 200% regression speed. Also gives the totally-hard-to-hit skillcheck (which is most definitely why Overcharge has been the #1 meta perk for 89 years and counting).

This effect lasts permanently. Within 60 seconds, it will most definitely not grant you a 30% progress reduction as Call of Brine would. That's within a MINUTE OF TIME, which is a long time for Survivors to allow a generator to regress.


With the previous version of Overcharge being picked purely for meme skillcheck builds with a specific funny goofy killer since the dawn of time, not only is the primary effect of Call of Brine far better, so is the secondary effect. Is Overcharge's only real purpose to stack with COB now? Why not just add in that initial regression rate downside, but keep the full ramp-up at 400%? This current effect is really, really unappealing, and will no longer be a part of a new meta that I feel was being created for both sides.

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