Survivors' faces and mouths are bugged *updated on 9/14

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Platform: Series X

Description: After a survivor is hooked, their faces and mouths become visually bugged. This bug occurs randomly even before being hooked. It will appear one moment, then disappear the next. One time on a generator, one time on a hook, one time healing and self-healing. Sometimes their mouths stay closed when screaming on a hook, or remain in a fixed, distorted animation. After being unhooked, their faces/mouths continue to be distorted. Most noticeable are their upper lips and jowls becoming much larger, more pronounced, and wider **SEE ATTACHED SCREENSHOTS

To Reproduce: Not entirely sure. Once noticed, find an angle where you can view the survivor's face. This works particularly well by pointing towards the camera up against a wall, and while opening exit gates. This bug is present on multiple survivors.

How Often: Virtually every match

Screenshot Evidence:

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