Tome 12, Level 2 Challenge "Scientific Breakthrough" seems to not work with Compound 33

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The challenge "Scientific Breakthrough" with Blight from the actual Tome 12, Level 2 ("Break 8 walls or pallets with a Lethal Rush as The Blight") seems to not work when you use the iri addon Compound 33 against pallets or walls. I nearly destroyed every pallet (obviously much more than 8) on Red Forest by using Compound 33 and it didn't count.

Is this intended because it doesn't count as a real Lethal Rush? But you have to press M2 to get it activated like the Lethal Rush.

I tried it again without Compound 33 and I had to bounce once, then break the pallet / wall with M1 and then it worked.

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  • Miju
    Miju Member Posts: 7

    It didnt even work for me without the addon. Also used the addon first which didnt count and then farmed for a Midwich offering, because of the high amount of breakable walls there. I destroyed all of them and counted 8 plus one pallet. It didn't count for the challenge.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    I played against a blight earlier who was not using C33 and they said in endgame chat that it didn't work for them either.

  • Jinn
    Jinn Member Posts: 5

    Count me among the "I've done this repeatedly tonight and it's not working"

  • Jinn
    Jinn Member Posts: 5

    Ok, I just read that I missed a change where you can lethal rush and swing at pallets (no need for c33). THAT did it. But C33 not working for it DOES seem like a bug.

  • Gunkpump
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    Bumping this. Did it multiple different ways and not once did it count.

  • Pyrosorc
    Pyrosorc Member Posts: 202

    Any news on whether or not this got fixed?

  • nFearCZ
    nFearCZ Member Posts: 1

    Yes I tried it with that Iridescent addon (Compound Thirty-Three) and it didn´t work. But without addon with M2 then M1 works.

    Take the Gideon map offering. It helps :D