Killer belt skill: LIGHTBORN was blown up by skill: BLAST MINE, unable to see the location of the au

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Skill: LIGHTBORN Killer belt skill: LIGHTBORN, when blown up by Survivor's skill: BLAST MINE, the aura of the survivor who placed BLAST MINE cannot be seen. Survivors don't have any anti-aura skills or hide in cabinets, even if they squat at a very close distance (for example: just across a wall), but they don't have aura to report when they are bombed by BLAST MINE. In other ways for the survivor to blind the killer, LIGHTBORN will still display the survivor's aura position to the killer normally.

There is no copying step, that is, the killer with the skill: LIGHBORN, the survivor with the skill: BLAST MINE, blown up with a generator, there is no skill to hide the aura, and there is no hiding in the cabinet, just across a wall, But LIGHTBORN will not show the killer the aura of the survivor who placed BLAST MINE.

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