Swamp needs a rework


It is currently my least favourite map by far, both for killer and survivor. Too dark is an understatement, especially when you have a screen glare light on your monitor and too much grass. Without totem finding perks the totems are usually un-findable, but maybe I'm just blind. If it can be reworked like Haddonfield that would be aweosome, I personally loved that rework and is one of my favourite maps.


  • ad19970
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    I enjoy those maps actually. They are some of the most balanced maps in my opinion, with the one downside that they can sometimes not spawn enough pallets in the middle of the map, which can suck for survivors.

  • Mysterioso
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    I personally would love to see those maps reworked because I'd like to see what they'd do with them graphically. The gameplay as of now is meh. I prefer going to Pale Rose because the big boat goes toot!

  • LeFennecFox
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    My main problem is the main buildings on swamp are so strong (mostly pantry) that you're throwing chasing inside of it against someone with a brain. The tall grass and huge edge map make stealthing players super obnoxious Totems tend to spawn in 2 spots as well next to shack almost always.