Suggestion to make Freddy more enjoyable to play, that is an outdated feature:

Currently using Adrenaline against Freddy will wake you up, feature that is still present from the original Freddy of 2017 because you used to wake up after getting healed a health state, so they programmed adrenaline to do that.

Now I think we can all agree that this feature of Freddy is very outdated, giving him very little chance in the endgame removing his chasing power with Adrenaline for 60 full seconds, and little synergy to use his Black Box Ultra rare add-on.

Not even Terminus can help alleviate the effects of this perk, and not having a chase power just because they used a perk and didn't waste time at all FEELS #########.

Please upvote to support me on this idea, thank you.


  • Brokenbones
    Brokenbones Member Posts: 5,129

    How about we make them rework freddy again and properly this time

    I think that would be a solid idea...

    (I agree though adrenaline countering freddy is hilarious, it'd be like if adrenaline got rid of infections from the various killers or got rid of condemned LOL)