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As of this update, the entity is forgetting where it was when you leave a bloodweb and starts somewhere else.

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Choose character

Step 3 : Go to bloodweb and spend enough points to activate entity.

Step 4 : Let entity take a node

Step 5 : Leave bloodweb and play a game

Step 6 : Come back and spend more points

Step 7 : Entity should start at a different node instead of continuing along current track

Additional Information:

Happens with any character

Update 9-13-23: This most often seems to happen if I get pulled out of the web when joining a lobby during matchmaking, but it has happened other times when leaving and returning.

This has happened to me multiple times; the entity starts at one edge, and then when I leave and come back and spend more points, it chooses a new outer node instead of continuing where it left off (when possible).

As you can see in this picture, it keeps starting in new places at the edges, and at the bottom, it decides to start at an unconnected middle ring node flashlight addon instead of the lower left middle ring where it would already be connected to a consumed yellow offering:

There's also another bug I've seen in the past where the entity will jump sidewise past a node, sometimes to a completely unattached node instead of continuing along a connected path.

See attached pictures of it happening at different times with different characters.

Also, you can tell by the backgrounds and event cues how long this issue has been preset.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review.


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    Here's some fresh ones from today, one occurring just minutes after the other.

    So in this first image, you can see the entity starts at the green herb on the left, goes right to the brown medallion and up to the brown tendril THEN skips over to the yellow gloves:

    And in this image purple coin -> purple syringe -> brown point offering -> green map offering -> GREEN EGG??:

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    New one from a few minutes ago. As you can see, it skipped from the yellow addon at the upper right of the Ebony Mori, over to the green addon directly above the center. The valid paths were either the cut coin to the right of it, or the brown fog offering below it.

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    Here's a fun one from today.

    The entity goes from the Green Luck offering in the left middle ring area, ALL the way over the the Green Bulb at the upper middle ring.

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    So today it skips from the Brown Flashlight Addon on the left middle ring over to the Yellow Toolbox Addon at the bottom of the center ring.

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    My advice if you're spending BP while waiting for game, is to simply look in the bottom right corner. Once it says "Match found" it will be a few secs before it loads, at that point stop spending BP

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    This is the bug reports forum not the workaround advice forum. Thanks for trying to help.

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    This one starts at the grey addon at 10 oclock, then goes to the yellow point offering, then to the cut coin offering, THEN skips to the green addon in the inner ring.