Rite of the Dark Within not progressing


I played Myers in 2 separate matches, one on Lampkin Lane and one on RPD, the first match I used Tombstone piece and didn't get any progress towards the daily so I thought that the tombstone piece just bugged, I then played a second match with stalk increase speed add-ons and I still didn't get any progress towards the daily. If any others on a different platform than Xbox that can confirm this isn't platform exclusive would help. The possibility of other killer specific dailies being bugged is there too.

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  • Spifferoni
    Spifferoni Member Posts: 7

    Yeah I’m on PC and just did two Myers games. One with a stalk speed increase and a stalk duration increase and one without any add ons. I leveled up my evil within at least twice both games and it still shows 0/4 progression. Definitely bugged

  • Bane_of_Games
    Bane_of_Games Member Posts: 92

    Same, also on PC, a game each yesterday and today, no progress. Did a Deathslinger game and finished that daily so it's probably just Mikey.

  • drSpockwa
    drSpockwa Member Posts: 64

    Just hit this as well. Got to level 3, three times in one match (after falling back down to 2). Not sure if this daily means level up to 3 or each individual level, or can only be done once a game, but I finished with 0 for the daily so something seems broken. Would be great if broken dailies could be removed from the rotation without a patch. Since we can only get one new per day.