The Shape Daily Ritual - Evil Within Not Counting


I'm on PC - Steam and the daily ritual for The Shape where you need to level up Evil Within 4 times is not counting the leveling. I'm at 0/4 after leveling it 4 times in 2 different trials.

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  • elyampedup88
    elyampedup88 Member Posts: 19

    This happened to me last week and last night !

  • rabdovirus
    rabdovirus Member Posts: 1

    Same problem on switch - tried on 4 different trials with the shape - no progress so had to delete it

  • Frys_Dog
    Frys_Dog Member Posts: 88

    I just had the same bug, pc-steam.

  • whereismykebab
    whereismykebab Member Posts: 228

    Tried it twice on steam as well and tiered up several times with none of them counting towards the daily

  • MeanieDeeny
    MeanieDeeny Member Posts: 531

    Having the same problem, glad to know it’s not just me..the first time I was like hmm..maybe I didn’t do it properly. Second time 100% sure I completed it, with no change..still 0/4. This happened last time I had this challenge as well and ultimately deleted it.

  • ryokoryu
    ryokoryu Member Posts: 193

    Today happening to me right now.

  • Callust
    Callust Member Posts: 3

    Same issue still here, completed a game as Shape a few minutes ago and it shows no progress on the daily ritual despite tiering up 4 or 5 times, also on PC/Steam.

  • WalterBlack
    WalterBlack Member Posts: 147

    Happened just now.

  • GhostMikazuki
    GhostMikazuki Member Posts: 1

    Ive had it for 5 matches now and havent gotten 1 single Evil Within Tier up to count towards it so I'm still 0/4

  • That_One_Friend
    That_One_Friend Member Posts: 273

    Had this happen a few days ago, I leveled up like 5 times. Didnt count any of them. On steam