When to buff Freddy?


He feels like a M1 powerless killer half of the match

Extreme Gen-Teleport cooldown compared to the Onryo or Dredge

And can't use the traps if the survivors are awake...

And he don't have addons who make the power feel better

not a single one who increases the blood traps slowdown

not a single one who increase the blood traps tokens

3 who are the same pallet addon with different aura reading durations

a lot of addons who apply statutes like hemorrage blindness and other useless things...


Teleport cooldown reduced to 15 seconds.

We only need one Pallet addon, switch the other two to increase tokens by 1 & 2.

Increase sounds from sleeping survivors should be basekit instead of addons, change these addons to make something useful, like take less time to put them to sleep.

Wake Up ideas:

Survivors only being able to Wake Up using clock alarms, triggering killer instinct.

Clock alarms can be used once.

Only 1 clock alarm every two minutes, survivor should wake up each other fast.


  • not_requested49
    not_requested49 Member Posts: 1,979

    People have been suggesting freddy buffs forever.. i think they like where hes at right now even tho hes objectively the worst and most boring killer to play

  • Dreadnight
    Dreadnight Member Posts: 125

    This is the queue of reworks:

    Myers, Pig, Sadako, Legion, Freddy, Legion again, Pig nerf, Freddy again, Trapper, Hillbilly buff, Hillbilly nerf, Ghostface, Pig nerf, Doctor (forgotten killer), more skins for Trickster, etc etc.

    Now seriously, Freddy suffers from everything you said.

    Freddy deserves a better teleport and usable on finished generators, and I would also make the Dream pallets a passive base mechanic like the doctor's broken pallets.

    Every 20s a broken pallet appears in the Dream world as a Dream pallet.

  • not_requested49
    not_requested49 Member Posts: 1,979

    Neither myers, pig, nor legion deserve to be in front of freddy

    Plus sadako has at least some addons that make her good (iri tape and ring drawing) while freddy doesnt

    I feel he needs a whole rework in general to make his power more thematic and less boring