Mettle of Man vs Deathslinger Bug


• Platform: PC

• Description of the issue: I was playing in a public match against a Deathslinger, Mettle of Man was active. I got speared and it didn't show any reaction of using or deactivating, but then when I got hit I immediately went down instead of taking a MOM hit. MOM also deactivated on the down. I then went into a custom to test it and MOM would say it activated on a hit but still apply a deep wound and still show the perk highlighted and active. But the next time I would get it, I would immediately go down and MOM would deactivate.

• Steps to reproduce (if possible): Activate MOM. Take a spear and hit from Deathslinger. Clip from custom ( and full testing here (

• How often does this occur: From testing, every time when playing against a Deathslinger.

Side note, I just had MOM show it was activated against a Huntress after I already used it once but my next down didn't actually get a protection I just went down and it deactivated.

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