Please don't change/nerf Rancor, it's a bad idea!

Right now, which is the only reason the perk is used even in competitive Dbd, being able to KILL the obsession is what makes the perk good, because the tracking is too situational.

If Rancor doesn't have that ability anymore, unless the aura of the obsession is revealed permanently or something, it will become a trash endgame perk, far inferior than noed.

Devour hope is still the same, in some cases potentially even better, but Rancor is a straight up NERF with very little compensation.


  • randonly
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    Even if the aura was permanently revealed, it would still be possible to easy counter with Distortion, which would make rancor much worse as an end-game perk. I think it's better to have the perma exposed effect than the aura one.

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  • AetherBytes
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    I like rancor as it is. It's so infrequent that its one of the only scary perks anymore, when you're wondering why you've seen the killer's aura all match only to realize as the second last gen pops you're very much in a lot of danger.

  • randonly
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    I was reflecting here another simple idea would be to copy the same effect of devour hope: Make the obsession temporarily with the aura revealed and exposed and simply when hooked, it is sacrificed, regardless of how many times went to the hook, I think it's much simpler and keep the perk original idea/robustness for a end-game.

    ps: if the obsession is already on the hook when the last generator pop-up, is automatically sacrificed.

  • Majora
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    nerfing rancor will be the last straw from the game turning from an atmospheric horror game, into a wannabe esport more and more flavor being removed from the game, i might be done with game if they nerf rancor tbh.

  • Bot_Salvo88
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    Maybe they can make it so that the obsession instantly dies on the hook if they really don't want to have a mori for a perk. Just like Devour 5 stacks