Old Pig and Legion Terror Radius, pls?


Because i dont get it...

increased The Pig's the Terror Radius from 28 metres to 32 metres.

increased The Legion's Terror Radius from 24 metres to 32 metres.

"This was done to standardise her Terror Radius with that of other 4.6 m/s Killers."

But also:

The Onryō: 4.6 m/s 24m tr

The Mastermind: 4.6 m/s 40m tr

Please, give them the old terror ratius, there's 0 sense in change their terror ratius to standardise it with their movement speeds, if later you make killers who broke the rule again...

i think these killers should have 24m tr:

Wraith, Pig, Ghostface, Legion

and these should have 40m tr:

Nurse, Blight, Legion(Frenzy) Oni(Demon Mode)