Twins Fully Not Working

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When you switch between Charlotte and Viktor, there is a chance you can not do anything. As Viktor I was unable to move, switch or charge up lunge. As Charlotte in the immediate game after, I was unable to move or switch, however I could swing.

Just switch between them.

This happened in both of the game I've played as twins today.

First link was my first game (as Viktor)

Second link was my second game (as Charlotte)

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  • blue4zion
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    Dunno if it's related, but I tried to pull out Victor right as I was stunned and afterwards I was unable to do anything.

  • Gamer832
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    Yep this just happened to me. Twins is full broken right now

  • HugTheHag
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    I feel like this needs a bump, feels like a serious issue

  • StickyB
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    11 days later, and it's still not fixed. What is going on? They need to remove her until she's fixed as she's unplayable.

  • crowbarman
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    As posted before - these are bugs BHVR has fixed in the past and they consistently re-introduce them in later builds. Terrible QA.