BP Offering's except Arcane Dowsing Rod are rejected

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Platform: PC

Description: WHen using an offering that isn't Arcane dowsing rod, instead of being burnt it is flung off screen, the effect's of the offering do not take affect.

Reproduction: Use an Offering that isn't Arcane Dowsing Rod

Occurance: Everytime so far.

Edit: It has been noted as a Known Issue in the latest Bug Fix.

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  • ChurchofPig
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    And it's still taking your offering like it worked despite it being tossed out. Which usually means that you get it back because it wasn't used.

  • Jotanl
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    I've had this happen, but it's visual only. You still get the point boost.

    Edit: Saw a video of someone else where this happend and he did not get bonus points. Seems very inconsistent.

    Edit 2: Check my latest comment. The bug is only visual for items with the tag "personal" it seems to be actually rejected by anything else.

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  • Terion
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    Yes ive also noticed this, only with the bloodpoints offerings that is, i have tested it with a brown salt bag as offering and it didnt got rejected, moris work too.

    Also the hook distance offerings and map offerings work.

  • DubbSpace
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    The bonus BP offerings that are stackable, like BPS, flans, anniversary cakes, bound envelopes and for some reason hollowed shells(I haven't seen it but I heard someone mention it before) are the ones that are being rejected and flying off screen to the upper left. These items are not being returned to your inventory. Items that don't get rejected are the personal BP offerings, brown yellow and green, escape cakes, survivor puddings and yellow envelopes. This only happens when the Dowsing Rod event item is offered. It does not happen when the event offering is not used. This can happen when anyone brings the event offering.

  • Jotanl
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    There... Might be something to this. Pretty sure when I've run survivor pudding it went through. If i was a betting man i would guess that the reason is the way the offering is phrased might make a conflict if it's coded in the same way.

    It might reject the offerings which has "stack" in it because the blood points on arcane dowsing rod does not mention "stacks" but somehow this ends up screwing over the one who used the offering.

    As for Hollow Shell, I've noticed that it actually does not have the personal tag for some reason.

  • roundpitt
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    I noticed my Bloody Party Streamers getting thrown off the screen, didn't think anything of it though. So you are saying I wasted 9 Bloody Party Streamers? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Ah, depression

  • FeryGEN
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    6.3.1 Looks like they didn't fix it right?

  • Turretcube
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  • Jotanl
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    They disabled blood point offerings that are not personal. However, killer BP offerings still seems to be rejected. My guess, as previously stated, is because all killer BP offerings except Survivor Pudding lacks the "Personal" tag for some reason. I don't know if i have to start a new bug report for this to be seen, but it would be nice if they were consistent with disables.