Female survivors do not make falling sounds

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Plat - PC

Description of issue - Female survivors (on the couple I've tested, do not make falling sounds)

Steps to reproduce - Fall as a female survivor

How often - Every time the female survivor falls.

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  • Aurelle
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    Have had this issue as well with Jill, Ada, and Kate too.

  • Purgatorian
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    I have been playing Kate today on PS5 and never made a falling sound once, even when vaulting from the top floor of the houses in garden of joy and haddonfield. I got the slowdown when landing, just no sound.

    I used lithe, quick and quiet, ds and windows. This bug report is about hitting the ground, obviously not vaulting noises because of quick and quiet.

  • crystalkitti
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    Had this happen to me today, as well.