PC - Iridescent quality "Tower of the Observer" charm has no particle effects

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As th title says. I have the iridescent quality charm "Tower of the Observer" equipped on some of my killers, as its rather unique and not often seen in the wild. I noticed that in the trials the charm appears dull and without any glowing and particle effects, so it basically looks like the green/rare variant of that charm, ie the "Tower of the Rising".

I tried to change the charm, but that doesn't seem to effect it. In the customization screen preview of the hook everything looks normal, but in the game the charm appears dull.

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Select killer

Step 3 : Equip the charm "Tower of the Observer" in one of your charm slots on the hook

Step 4 : In the preview the charm looks fine, on the field in a public game it appears dull like the green/rare charm "Tower of the Rising"


  • Pyramid Head
  • Perks don't seem to affect this. All different kinds of loadouts were played, at least 5 different.
  • Map doesn't seem to affect this. the effect persisted on all maps played, including Groaning Storehouse, Ironworks of Misery, Eiry of Crows, Haddonfield, Garden of Joy and both Swamp Maps.
  • Everytime I play this effect takes place.

I also tried different placed for the charm, but to no avail.

The bug in action: Rebecca is getting hooked, while the Tower of the Observer should provide an eerie illumination, yet it remains dull :(

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  • Kaybern
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    id like to just comment that this missing VFX issue seems to only be in effect when the charm is equipped by the killer

    When i equip this charm on my survivors there are no issues with the VFX